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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Jamie, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Please tell me who decided to call this website RumRation...Tot died in 1971 that's 35 years ago and a lot of users of the site have no idea what it was like to have a tot each day whether neaters or 2 in 1 for the ratings........or is this an intolerably cheeky lower deck lawyer question...OK guys I have duly ducked before missiles are fired.... :)
  2. There you go shippers,the name has stimulated a debate.What better reason for a name such as RumRation?What would you suggest as a name??
  3. The last Tot was served on 31st july 1970,what finer name could it be, Jack the Lad? Though they dont seem to exist in todays Navy.what would the new Sailors like ?The Chavs?
  4. BumRation perhaps ??? :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. higthepig
    The Tot is no more so why use a defunct name..there is no longer a Rum Ration.......yes why not try a new name ....any suggestions??

    Rig of the Day, Blue-jean Collar, Middle Watch, Fighting Fleet..or something....Divisions........??
  6. Sputnik
    Stop Arsing about.....and cheeky with it....... :eek: :D :D

    Good try son !!!!!
  7. Just noticed I had prom-ocean to badgeman..gave me an idea for a name for the site..."3 Badge FAs"..........stand by your beds...9 o'clock rounds!!!!!

    8) :)
  9. We still talk about a "liberty boat"... which is in fact a coach!

    MEM's are still "stokers" but there hasn't been any "stoking" to do for years...

    And when was the last time ships actually had real mainbraces to splice!

    It's the silly old sayings that make the Andrew what it is :lol:
  10. I like the name, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside ( bit like rum), the SCC have a tradition of handing out a tot of rum before we go out on our remembrance parade and before the RNI so in a way although not totally like a tot a day it still lives on.
  11. Wish my unit did that! :lol:
  12. Must just be a local thing then!

    I assumed as I went round the district it must be a SCC thing as all of them did it, I stand corrected, we just must be a district of piss heads as they even get vodka in for those who don't like rum!
  13. The tot still lives on my house (pussers).Bumration seems more to the fore these days .It always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in fact like that now but what the hell .the chavs are tossers vodka instead beggers belief Aaaaa well thats life in a blue suit
  14. There are many users of the site who do remember the "Tot" and with great regret it is no longer with us. The site name reflects just exactly who is using it, so why change it to something totally unrelated.
  15. The tot lived on in the Kiwi navy until the mid 80s. I once spent a week billeted ashore in HMNZS Philomel when my boat was in NZ and so was victualled in for a tot as well. I had heard much about the tot tradition and it was a bit of a thrill to be a part of the ceremony and tradtion that went with it.

    From the 'Up Spirits' pipe at 1100 and mustering in the canteen in front of the barrel with 'God Save the Queen' in polished brass letters on it, the bloke pouring the measure precisely for each man, and all being overseen by the Master At Arms, it was something special. I dont even like rum that much however I knew it was something I would never get to be part of again.
  16. I still think a good name could be found that is appropriate to our modern 21st Century Navy....Yes I remembered we still use the term Liberty Boats but they are still in use to get ashore when your anchored off at a buoy and the terms Stoker and Dabtoe and catwalks and tiller flats.........etc etc but none of these are used for the name of a Liberty Boat sounds OK to me....good one whoever mentioned them....

    "Jago's Mansion"...hope I have the spelling right..if not slag me !!!!!

    There are thousands of names still used in today's Modern Navy that would be more than lot of old diehards you!!!!

    :wink: :) :eek:
  17. We have found a Dork, if it matters so much to you, go and annoy them on arrse.
  18. Believe it or not but we struggled to come up with anything that:

    a. Hadn't been taken i.e, ....

    b. Wasn't just excruciatingly bad ..... We weren't sure about rum ration but it seems to be reasonably accepted now.

    c. We also liked Rum Ration as we could highlight the appropriate letters RumrationN and RuM ration.
  19. Stick with rum ration, anything else could mean the pc brigade at MoD taking offence and firing off threatening letters

    Note : Anyone want a copy of "Jacks Unofficial Dictionary" then drop us a ditty, the MoD considers it non-pc!
  20. why not call it "Gen dit,no shit!!" lol

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