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Webley a touch of nostalgia


War Hero
Maybe the wrong forum but last week a PC friend took me in the Station whilst he checked the weapons wherever they keep them[I wasn't allowed to know!] but he knew I used to like Pistol Shooting before the crazies reared their twisted head and that I'd been in the Mob as a GA2.
Out he brought the two Webleys MK V1 and No 2.[MK1 .380]
I used to have a MK1 and I thought it was vastly under rated with it's tactile and chiseled lines.
OK! I know accuracy was a bit suspect[although I once amazed everyone, including my self, when I came 3rd in a Pistol comp, a fluke if ever there was one] but it's stopping power was good so they said.
I just thought we produced a good'un there and I know a lot went to The Dominions including Canada with the Colt on the doorstop! but I guess it was Service Mandatory.
I fired the MK1 [.455] at Tipnor a few times but where the rounds went I have no idea!
Some kick on that thing!
Remember it?
The only pistol for the discerning officer to lock himself in his room (with a bottle of single malt) and do the honourable thing, after being caught with his fingers in the mess funds.. :)


Lantern Swinger
The only pistol for the discerning officer to lock himself in his room (with a bottle of single malt) and do the honourable thing, after being caught with his fingers in the mess funds.. :)

or someone elses wifes corsett!


War Hero
Interestingly (for geeks only perhaps) but Webley also made a semi-automatic .455 pistol for the Royal Navy and Marines. The cartridges were essentially the same, but the one designed for the Mk1, when fired in the semi-automatic would blow it to buggery. Here's a link for geeks:
Arnhem Jim: The Other Webley - Limited Standard Semi-Automatic Pistol of the Royal Navy & Marines
Cheers for that!Didn't know about that,not surprised as it looks a bit B&Q! although it seems to have,like the 1911A .45 the USA Standard, a butt safety which is a good thing.
I seem to remember there was a self cocking revolver .45 British made,can't think of the name but although it worked,mud and dirt clogged up the outside grooves defeating the action.
A bit basic thinking really was needed there,but I've never seen one
The semi auto webley was called a webley Fosberry . The revolving chambers had a groove in them and the barrel was on a slide when you fired /shot/ with it the barrel did a move to the rear and rotated the chambers to the next round it also cocked the hammer/firing pin.

Its a collectors item -don't think many were made .

Semi Auto was by the Colt 1911 or some of the Browning pistols in the early days . Mauser had a 7.65 or 9mm pistol
Most being operated by the long slide doing eject-re-cock reload cyclic action magazine in the butt

Only other type was a Luger --they had a Toggle action but same operation cycle .

Fired them all--and I still think the old US Colt .45 1911 A1 was the best .
Browning Hi-power was OK 9mm with a 13 round magazine in the butt!
Webley revolver .38 was Ok but it was better shot two handed !! In the old days you had to shoot it with one hand!



War Hero
It's a matter of preference I reckon,The Pilots on the Vic carried the Browning and just about everyone else including the SF and I serviced those on the Vic for a while,although I notice now even the USA Police use a Beretta which seem to be,apart from the Sig,the best gun going.
Bit of a slap in the face for the Yanks with all their gun history Colt,Remmington etc to use an Italian gun for the Police although I seem to remember Smith and Wesson was owned by a British firm!
I won't mention the French pistols! At Whale Island I spent a fair bit of time at the Guns locker and down at Tipnor either watching them fired or firing myself.
Worst was the French Lebel[I think] and Russian Tok followed by the Spanish Star a copy of the USA.45.
I'm dragging up some memories here and I may be wrong on some things but I do remember the P1 that German Officers used in the War[not the Luger!] as a fine weapon.
Unless I go abroad I don't think I'll ever pistol shoot again.Shame I did enjoy it especially the Black Powder shoots.


Seafarer, you can still shoot black powder pistol in the UK. A local shooting range should be able to set-up an instructor and let you rip on a black-powder colt revolver, or it's ilk.
webley a touch of nostalgia

SF 139 I remember the range at Tipner--was at Whale island for a while and Vernon doing courses.
Anyway the armoury at Tipner was a shootists dream.
It must have had every rifle/pistol ever made the police used to give the RN all the surrendered ''bring backs '' if they were historic or
collectable. Amazing place.

I was in the Saturday/wednesday shooting on the range with a No 4 Lee enfield it was a sort of personal issue--once zeroed it was very accurate .
The old .303 warhorse great rifle .

Black powder is good fun shooting -used to have a Colt Navy 1851 .36 -italian reproduction --was at Bisley with that .
Happy days


War Hero
Thanks at the moment and just with a quick search the nearest is the Otterburn range 50 miles away! I gave up rifle shooting because I didn't want to travel that far and I need weekends free to look after my wife.
There will be a one nearer as the Police will need to train locally,I'll see if I can weedle my way in there if Poss.
Thanks for the offer. Cheers.
Greenie! Tipnor armoury was awesome and I spent most of my Whale Island time there,when the GI was in a good mood[sometimes!] and with a packet of Blue liners on the table I managed to shoot quite a few of the ones he did.
I didn't smoke but drew my BL as it was amazing what you could get for the coupons!
That GI had a wonderful accident when I was there he was showing recruits how clever he was at loosing off a single round from the Lanchester,a donkey if there ever was one.
He loosed one off but it must have hit some materiel as it richoched[spell checker not picking this up!] and carved an Errol Flynn mustache along his upper lip!
Oh! how we larfed!
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