Wearing uniform in public

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by persona_non_grata, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Definitely! All the time!

  2. Some of the time

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  3. Not these days, maybe for parades...

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  4. No.

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  1. I was looking on ARRSE and saw this thread about an AIN;
    As far as I can tell the general sentiment is that it would be a good idea to openly wear uniform around the towns and cities as it might be beneficial for raising the public profile of the forces as a whole and so on.
    I was just wondering what your opinions might be.


    (Apologies if the poll doesn't work, first time for everything and all that...)
  2. Of course when you get your security brief they say not to do it under any circumstances. I just think it makes old folks feel safer when they seems service personnel in rig.
  3. You want a military supported by the public, financially and otherwise?

    Then get out there and show your stuff. No-one likes paying for something they can't see, A smartly turned out Jack or Tom holding a door open, tipping a hat or giving a smile will go a long way to convincing folk that we're not all beer-swilling lunatics pissing away UK PLC's funds for the sake of it.

    That's the Home Office, for a start...
  4. Also used to great for pulling the female species at one time !!
  5. Where do you put your hat during ******* ?? :roll:
  6. If I told you I would have to kill you afterwards !! :lol:
  7. [quote="NicksIf I told you I would have to kill you afterwards !! :lol:[/quote]

    Is that "Eventually" :oops:

    geoff(ers) :???:
  8. If they want to see what they are paying for all they have to do is turn the news on!

    I for one will not be wearing uniform in public, unless on parade (Remembrance Sunday). Goes against all the principles we had drilled into us in training and whilst serving in NI. Security of myself and family are top of my priorities.
  9. Should be encouraged - yes; Should be allowed - depends on the situation.

    CO's should retain the right to alter the rules to suit the requirement.

    Personally I have no problem with wearing uniform in public and have on numerous occasions; that said it isn't as if I slip into my No 1's to do the shopping at ASDA at the weekend.

    I believe it all comes down to common sense really and would definately not wish to see it reintroduced as standard for runs ashore.

  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Source: Hansard
  11. Under her head, makes a comfortable pillow :wink:
  12. Yeah right! :roll:
  13. Since November I (and my colleagues) have had to travel into London to a few events that required us to be in No1s. Being at the end of the central line it's a 30-40 minute journey on the tube so we were quite a novelty - the other commuters looked but didn't say anything. On the plus side we didn't get pushed or barged and actually had a bit of space. I also felt a sense of pride that I hadn't experienced for a few years. Around the Houses of Parliament we were also a tourist photo opportunity! Understand all the concerns about security but I think in the current climate the bad guys don't care if you are in the Forces or not - the general public are just as viable a target. If I'm going to get killed on the tube I might as well go down in rig!
  14. lunch times - pompey hard- yeah right!! totally agree - and guilty of it!!
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Right - git yer cap! :lol:
  16. Perhaps their lordships and the great and the good at MoD Main Building (London in case you were wondering!) could lead by example, assuming they have any leadership left in them.

    Reminds me of the time, serving at DPA Abbey Wood when I was asked by my IPT Leader (a civil serpant) if I would mind NOT wearing my uniform, as it was deemed to be threatening to the (huge majority) of other civil serpants on the team. What did they think they were there for, FFS!

    On a slightly different tack, and I'm sure covered elsewhere, if the Army is so overstretched, perhaps Jack could take over the ceremonial duties in London, that should free up at least a Bde of combat troops. Having matelots guarding HM would raise our visibility with civ pop. Plus, imagine the hoofing runs ashore you could have whilst living in Windsor and central London.

  17. Jack and guns, hmmmm, might not quite have the desired effect LOL :lol:
  18. I think all men, regardless of rank, should wear uniform in public....makes me smile!
    As for ladies- NO!, female officers look like Traffic Wardens. booo
  19. Anything to make you smile, or in my case laugh! :oops: sucks in gut
  20. What wuz great fun was riding around on a Norton Dominator in AA1 rig, wearing a black skidlid, with cap tucked inside jacket.

    Hells Angels had nothing on that!

    The Regs used to hear me coming down Portland Hill and have the barrier up ready.

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