Wearing the Square Rig

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ollie123, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have any links to a poster of some description which shows the correct way of wearing the Lanyard etc.
  2. Here yer go ready for Sunday Divisions


    Notice the notice bow wave cap to round off the effect not a milk churn lid.


    Yes its me at the G-Spot 1961
  3. looks like you have already been taught an old and bold matelots trick of cutting your collar at the bottom?
  4. Nutty, you look very smart.I was at G. the same time July '60 - Nov'61. Drake 40 Mess.If any in our class had a bow wave like yours,our caps would have been spiked on the bed end.
  5. You were unfortunate to just miss me as I joined Drake 39 Mess in the Short Covered Way early November 61. As you can see my cap was not spiked ever, smart was it not. Must have been different Instructors

  6. "Sea Cadets"

    One cut for wearing two uncut for kit musters.

  7. Nutty, what happened in between leaving the G Spot and acquiring your ever so scruffy appearance in your avatar of you in 1962? ;)
  8. I went to the table on the Norfolk (F230) to receive my third badge, with a cap like that, Nutty.

    I was told that the only reason I escaped a major bollocking for daring to turn up with a "Jack me tickler" cap was that I had my notice in, and the Skipper wanted me to retract it.

    He's now the 1stSL, by the way.

    A much better shape than the milk churn lids worn nowadays.

    "Panache?" says the Joss, "What's that mean, again?"
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Where's the rest of you Nutty???????????
  10. Don't sailors eat those on Shrove Tuesday? ;)

    It's nice to hear that the staff only spiked the trainees hats and not their milk ration. o_O

    Janner, I don't think Nutty could afford "extensions" on 75p (!!!) a week pay. :lol:
  11. FFS, Thingy, you haven't got a clue!

    Stick to being informative, will you?
  12. Ain't it awful, we can all remember when we were as skin as Nutty too. Still, age has one advantage, you don't have to make all those [email protected] again...... :lol:
  13. Eh?
  14. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Nutty, am I wrong in assuming that you have a full silk on, not the 'tiddly' split in half one?
  15. How old are you in that pic nutty?
  16. Smart as a guardsman Nutty. All you need is your cap tally tied in tiddley fashion over your left eye, rather than over the ear. :thumright:
  17. ................. I joined Drake 39 Mess in the Short Covered Way early November 61. As you can see my cap was not spiked ever, smart was it not. Must have been different Instructors

    ......and Nutty that is not a Fisky photo, or is it? It looks more like your mate took it against the mess wall in your smuggled out bow wave cap.I can not believe you got through G. with that cap.
  18. Yes full silk never wore a split tiddly one, I always thought they look thin (cheap) and my preference was for the standard.


    15 years and a few months.

  19. HnHn

    Yes the picture was taken in the area between 38 and 39 mess but as evidence of how the standards of cap appearances had dropped between Oct. 61 and Nov. 61 and bow waves were the height of fashion, I offer you this Fisky photo of the 1st. Sea Lords Piping Party on his Divisions at G. in 62. I am the fourth TROG in the front rank.


    Of the ten lads clearly seen in the picture I am in touch with six, two have crossed the bar. Mick Godber the Badge Boy in charge has fallen off the radar.

    Please note all have nice bow wave as befitting of TROGS of the 61/62 era.

  20. Where has the picture gone?

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