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Wearing of Relatives' Medals on Uniform



Did 18yrs (sprog..i know! lol) and during all that time, believed that when wearing 1s on parades where medals were worn, you were allowed to wear the medals of your dad/grandfather on the RIGHT hand side. Unable to prove either way by Regs but a mate was recently pulled up - apparently you can only do this when in civvies???

anyone know?




I agree, why would you? was just the fact that I had thought I seen it done before on Rememberance Parades and yet it appears to be not buddy got pissed off about it but then again he's a skimmer as submariner I have f*** all to wear! :) Thanks for the reply.


I agree, why would you? was just the fact that I had thought I seen it done before on Rememberance Parades and yet it appears to be not allowed.
That was probably me mate. I have so many medals myself that I have to start from the right and move entirely across the front of my body.
I haven't earned them; I like to walt it up BIG time.
I recall reading about some Walt wearing a green lid and medals for his dead father in law. If you viewed a war widow/widower wearing medals walking with her/his son/daughter that I can undestand.


Thanks to everyone and just in case you were thinking it, I meant absolutely zero offence to those who have earned their medals and to the friends and relatives (me included) of those who have lost their lives. Max respect to all affected and involved in current ops.


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You could always ask this bloke. He knows a thing or two about tin it would seem.



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That guy should go to prison for impersonating a member of the British monarchy, Idi Amin & a recruit in the US Navy.


A good example of vajazzle.


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Where did you learn that word, Ninja, where did you learn it?!!

What have you been reading ...........? :lol:
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