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Wearing of Medal Ribbons on Officer No1 Uniform?


Hi, I hope someone can help me with this as I'm not entirely sure if it's right.

Basically, I mount medals, normally I just court mount onto brooches and then the medal owner takes their uniform to the station tailor to have the ribbon bars and becketts put on.

However, I was requested by a RN Officer to put the ribbons and becketts on his No 1. uniform for him as he currently does not have a station tailor (I've done a few for RAF personnel but nevery Navy).

I've had a look at BR81 which states "Medal Ribbons: RN Officers. Top or only row 25mm below point of shoulder."

Once the bar is attached (sewn on) the becketts are stitched above which is where the medal then sits when worn.

Is this correct? I've marked the uniform with chalk, and it seems really really high.

I've had a look around for some images as a reference and I've found one with Prince Charles (a very old pic) and his bars are in about the same place although a little lower down, and I've also found one of Prince William and his are much much lower down, I'd guess probably about 5cm above the pocket. here's the link to said images.

If anyone can enlighten me as to where they should be before I start sewing I'd be very greatful.

Thank you

Dont start sewing!!

I'm sure you have the best intentions and can do a great job, however if you've never sewed medals on a naval uniform before dont get measurements for your first lot from photo's or an internet forum.

alm2009 said:
Hi, I hope someone can help me with this as I'm not entirely sure if it's right.....

....If anyone can enlighten me as to where they should be before I start sewing I'd be very greatful.

Thank you


Hello Laura,

There are many experts at RR with gratis but sometimes conflicting advice.

As you cannot afford to get it wrong I suggest that you ask the ‘top’ Naval Tailors ‘Thieves’; aka Gieves & Hawkes (Head office at No. 1 Saville Row, dontcha know old bean?).

They even have an “Ask the Experts: solving your sartorial dilemmas†section on their website at:

Best of Luck
alm2009 said:
I've had a look at BR81 which states "Medal Ribbons: RN Officers. Top or only row 25mm below point of shoulder."

If you follow the BR and it turns out to be different from what other people do, then they are wrong and you are right!


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Agree with MLP. The tailor put the becketts slightly too low on my Nos 1's and they were always catching the pocket


Whereabouts are you? Is there no one nearby who has a suit with ribbons on that you could use to have a look at?

I'll let you see mine if you'll court mount my medals!
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