Wearing of dolphins and being PMU submarines

sorry if this is in the wrong place Ladies and Gents?!

I've got my medical board next Tuesday and I've just been made PMU submarines

As my heads up my arse at the minute, I'm not sure if I can still wear my dolphins or not?
I don't want to make myself look like a twat in front of the board by wearing them if I've been
Made medically unfit but on the same note, having served on boats for nearly 8 years, I think if more than earned the right to continue wearing them.

If anyone knows where I stand I'd be really grateful for their input.

Many thanks
You passed your Pt3 Gerry, you are as entitled to wear them as anybody else. You wear them on your chest not your sleeve, once awarded they're yours.
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There are Crushers (Royal Naval Police) about wearing Dolphins, Their bosses don't like it, but they like you earned them. Wear them with pride.
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