Wearing of CS95 for Sea(Res)

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by SO2Seaman, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Sea(Res) branch
    As promised I have just sent out an ETM that should clarify the situation with rig.
    Yours Aye
  2. Is it a secret or can the rest of us be in on the high light?
  3. Not a secret, however this is probably not the ideal site to publish official policy. A statement about Rig is probably harmless enough, however it could lead to more info than we would want being published in/on an unofficial forum.
    All members of the Sea(Res) branch should have got the ETM, so ask your oppo in the branch.

    Hope the reply doesn't sound to draconian, that is definetly not the intention.

  4. Knowledge is Power!
  5. and it was a parting gift of a 2* who is no longer with us, and is being ignored by large proportions of the Fleet for being uncomfortable and damn silly idea. On the plus side, no-one knows what we're talking about.....
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

  7. This is only for the Special Forces branch of the RNR. Muppets need not know.

  8. RNR Special Forces? I thought I was the only 'special' person! :?
  9. we have been called many things, but this is the first time I've been described as "special" - I'm sure it refers to my needs not my branch!
    Thanks for the humour guys, it's good to see that the snow has not chilled your wit!
  10. Not spelled speshull then?
  11. I is dislexik, and havn't wrote such good england since I was a children
  12. Think you'll find that there's an official policy spelt out in an RNTM which came out recently, not got reference to hand soz but it's on the RN intranet. Basic premise is that we're Royal Navy not Army/RM so your working rig is 4s.
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    'Thanks see_no_ships but Been done

    But as I've already said as much, SO2Seaman, purlleeez, it's a hot topic but not exactly EAT BEFORE READING.
  14. Seadog
    PM inbound
  15. And despite a pan-RN TM being posted, already different units/areas are interpreting this differently. Recently we've had permission to place our QM's back into CS95. I dread to think how many man-hours have been wasted on this chuff topic, but at least our Lords and Masters are helping us out....
  16. Its funny. The DIN, Galaxy and RNTM all seemed pretty straightforward to me. So why does SO2 Seaman need to send an ETM and why do different units do different things? Barking if you ask me!
  17. My understanding of the DIN was that it was down to unit CO's to deal with. No idea why there is interference at Units with regard to this.

    Its simple!! If you are doing "full metal jacket" activity, then you wear the colour that gets you lost in a forest...

    If you are doing things which you are generally associated with being in a naval organisation (I know a rarity these days), you wear that blue colour (in case anyone has forgotten what colour it was)...

    As for why some members of the branch which is currently flying the flag for the RNR in the RN eyes get into such a hissy fit when they are told to wear blue I do not know.

    I've yet to go onto a pussers ship and do a "reaction exercise" for want of a better word and have to wait round while the crew get changed into atire that is forest like. For gods sake people - its the job you do not what you wear!!

    FPGRM (RNR) seem to think they are something special... I've heard many dits from those returning saying that they are somehow involved in counter terrorism and the like - for feck sake - you are Fleet Protection!! CTC may well be part of it by the nature of the job, but please don't big yourselves up - it really is embarassing!!

    As for this "wearing of the FPGRM badge" after mobilisation, jesus man - if you want to join the Marines - get fit and do it!! Personally, if I had the FPGRM badge, I would be looking to remove it the first opportunity and returning to the RN flag - its my organisation and I am proud of it - I don't need to hide behind another Units flag.
  18. Does the RNR have a special Pusser's Grey, Sea Blue C95s colour scheme or do you try and ally it oop in Green/Broon DPM? :scratch:

  19. Cock...!

    I'm already a part of this FPGRM stuff and from what I've seen there's no 'bigging' up going on. So you spend your time listening to other cocks in your unit, we even have a cock with us. Get this, there everywhere!!

    I did FOST tanker a while ago and contested the fact that we had to wear 95 stuff, short of being had up for contempt. I know combat boots are shit on pussers decks. I know we looked cnuts wearing green when the rest were wearing blue. I'm just as pissed off at trying to get all the extra gash into a mess-deck locker..!!! My point is we do as we are told, just as the regs do.

    I don't apologise for embarrassing you. I think you need to peak through the fingers covering your eyes and be selective about who you listen to.
  20. Premier blah, blah, blah, your not just a cock your a fcukin cock!!!

    "FPGRM (RNR) seem to think they are something special", totally incorrect. FPGRM(RNR) are something special!!! You are most probably like some of the others who have got plenty to say but yet still sit on their hands when mobilisation is mentioned. Unless you have done it, keep your ill informed opinions to yourself.

    I dont know of anybody who is "hiding behind another units flag", rather than spout a whole load of bollocks why dont you do your oppos a favour and refrain from giving your opinion. Not only is it inaccurate, I find it insulting.

    As for joining the marines and "get fit and do it", perhaps you have the completely wrong idea about what makes a Royal Marine. Yes they are fit of course but if you think that only fitness makes a good RM and that is their only skill then maybe you should go to FPGRM and let them know your thoughts. Standbye though to be re-briefed.

    As I previously said, what a cock!!

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