Wearing No1s after retirement

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by stan_the_man, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Guys not sure if this is the right forum apologies if this is the case however here goes, just logged on to facebook and saw one of my old muckers phots at a recent wedding, he's 60+ and an ex WO1 wearing full No1s with medals at his daughters wedding, has he been back on the Pussers or is this allowed. He looked the DBs by the way. Experts on Dress Regs please respond I only put mine on for sex now - and I'm too fat to post phots
  2. I was told by the Command Warrant Officer in November 2007 on HMS Victory and he said he had recently been asked that very question and the rules are,as long as it is some sort of Ex service do,wedding,christening etc and you are not showing the service in a bad light and wearing it correctly there is no problem with it.
  3. Cheers Barney mine doesn't fit me now anyway, Missus is chuffed tho difficult to put it in the bin after 35 years :wink:
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Personally I think he should be able to wear whatever he wants at his daughters wedding, as a time served WO1 he has certainly earnt the right to tell anyone who disapproves to stick it up their hairy teatowel holder.

    Not what I would do personally but if makes her feel happy and proud then no harm done whatever the trumped up bureaucrats say the rules are. A good friend of mine died of cancer last year, he had served 22 years in the RN, 5 years in the Police and 20 years in the Prison Service, he asked me to drape a white ensign on his coffin, another mate to place his Police cap on top and another to place his prison officer's cap. The funeral director had the neck to tell me I couldn't do it - regulations apparently - only Union Flags allowed. I told him to stick it right up his arse and get stapling, he smiled and said OK, this once - he was an ex-matelot!

    Things like this are done for family and loved one's, makes them feel proud and I'm all for making people happy.
  5. Stan the man,buy a new Nos 1s, loads available on the surplus market,as long as you wear correct badges medals etc no problem!
  6. Totally agree Chieftiff, didn't want the bottom inspectors turning up at his door - he was a fecking legend by the way!!
  7. Barney only kidding mate can still out f*ck and out fight the best of them cap needs a scrub though come to think of it so does the missus
  8. I think the phrasing is "on appropriate occasions". I would have thought his daughters wedding is such an occasion. I have been to a service event where the old, bold and long since retired were encouraged to wear uniform. First time I'd seen a Wren Officer wearing blue rank + cap badge in many, many years!
  9. Nah can't believe this - 70 year old matelots turning up at weddings reunions in rig etc ,just believe once yer out yer out and what was yer name again , live in hope for when my little WRN gets married.
  10. We had two ex stokers one ex killick stoker .They always wore there number ones for our big reunions they were smart (for stokers as well) :D :)
  11. I'd simply be chuffed if I could fit into my No. 1's today never mind at 60 :lol:
  12. Feckin fab even if its wrong what the feck can they do when your'e a civvie boring bastard , 35 years made me fecking institutionolised - hic hic
  13. I am a wavy navy officer with the CCF so still get to wear my rig anyways!!
  14. Snags snags Submariners always did believe in spinning derring do dits they never did - unless you were south in 82 and your'e a mate of "Nutty" hope youv've been vetted.
    Take care Barney you know your namesake 2 tts as in spagetti BEM MSM ??
  15. Only MSM, LS&GC and the Golden Jubilee Medal for me I am afraid,diesel boats for the cold war and then bombers!Had a go deep off Bosnia due to a drug runner if that counts as a war dit!! And one CINC Fleet commendation due to a WO2MEA who would not listen and got it wrong!! Bang and the lights went out!
  16. You got my respect mate just off to walk the mutt before he pisses all over the house again, still if he does or not the missus always kicks him even though I,ve swamped.
  17. I'm sure the of the Sea Lords said something about wearing rig and that it was Ok on appropriate occasions . Helps recruiting or something.

    What they should have is a ''retired'' flash available for sewing on the shoulders of the jacket-just to make it definate.

    Another thing is that all ex- matelots under 55 years of age are reserve listed
    so shouldn't be a problem.

  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Here's a picture of Thingy in his uniform recently at his friends' wedding:


  19. Bit late now - hoyed the lot on the local tip a few weeks back - nos 1s, mess undress, and a shed load of other stuff. Wouldn't wear 'em even if i could fit into them tbh

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