wearing a suit during the interview? would it help?

Try to avoid bellbottoms, red platform shoes and shoulder length hair... they're so 70s (when Lingy was born, apparently)! And if you faint at the sight of blood now's the time to reconsider becoming a medic... :grin: You tell him Andy!


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sgtpepperband said:
dantae said:
for my test i went in smart casual clothes smart jeans and shirt for the test and for the interview i went in a suite and tie

Sofa did you get? :roll:

Might of been for the Chairmans job Sarge!!!!! lol

Pol :lol: :lol: :wink:


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janner said:
NZ_Bootneck said:
ben1985 said:
yeh , ive got a smart shirt and tie and trousers so does the majority say i wear that for the aptitude tests and then between then and the interview go out and get a suit for the interview.

so then, usually how much time between your aptitude test and getting a date for the interview, 2 weeks? or longer?


Ben Wood
Just buy a sports jacket rather than suit if you've already got smart trousers save a few quid,a shade darker than strides ie. Navy blue jacket with blue trousers. Good luck, stay calm, you'll do fine.

Good advice from me this time, never take fashion advice from a Bootneck, especially one living in the Colonies where binder twine is considered a fashion accessary :lol:

Ferkin hell Janner, did you have a bad run ashore in NZ or something?
Maybe a cute Merino turned you down in a paddock outside Auckland?
No need to get aggro, you can get blow up sheep nowadays. lol :mrgreen:


Lingyai said:
A shirt, trousers and tie will do, but just be smart whatever you wear, do not turn up like some of the chavs in tracksuits / jeans.

Apply this to your whole career, be the best you can be every day, be better than everyone else, have a sense of pride, polish your shoes. When you look like a military man, you will feel like a military man and will act like one.

Mmmm, eye patch, check; bandana, check; black ninja jacket, check; jeans with obligatory holes, check; cowboy boots, check; selection of 'Rambo' knives, check; one year's subscription to 'Soldier of Fortune' magazine, check.

Ling is now ready for a run ashore!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

PS. If you think that was bad his run ashore oppo was wearing a 'smoking jacket'. :shock:


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Dondon: If a girl came into an interview dressed like your avatar, I'd employ her; promote her; then sack her for sexual harassment all at the same time... :shock:


Nice one Lingyai, spot on.
Son iwas in,t mob for years, since training I have always ironed my own clothes, never trust a woman to get the creases right or in the right place, I still bull my shoes, I stand straight and tall and by lordy do I feel good, sometimes others think i,m the BOSS, be smart, clean, they will take you.