Wearing a kilt with Mess Kit...

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by letthecatoutofthebag, Jan 11, 2008.

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  2. It's an enlightened age man. Go ahead and be a transvestite. Make sure you wear knickers though, others like to laugh at little things.
  3. Jock Mode

    It is perfectly acceptable to wear the kilt negative belt when wearing a waistcoat.

    When worn properly, the kilt should come up to around your bellybutton and not extend below the top of your knees. In this case you probably won't even be able to see the belt due to the waistcoat covering it.

    Useless fact: it is allowed, in the appropriate circumstances, to wear a kilt in your no. 1 suit if you are a member of the Royal Naval Bagpipe Association. :D
  4. Jock Below the waist line Navy above.. It looks like a pigs breakfast but the Jocks seem to like looking that way. And it is in the dress regs.

    looks stupid though... but hell who am I to make a comment :pukel: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Discuss the matter with your Mess President. Different ships, different cap tallies... :thumright:
  6. The mess jacket and waistcoat take the place of the Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat, no belt is worn.

    Personally I wouldn't bother with a Skean Dhu as it'll fall out from your hose when you're dancing. It's also perfectly acceptable to sling the sporran round to the side rather than hanging at the front. Some only move it for dancing, others wear it to the side all the time.
  7. Make sure you do move it for dancing. It is very painful otherwise - I'm sure you can guess why - or if not you will soon find out :thumright:
  8. Before attending the do it may be worth informing the sick bay. There may be a requirment for those who are kilt laughing.
  9. The kilt is purpose made for fornication and urination!
  10. Mate ....Its in the regs (but do check with the messprez or you could end up with a visit from the master at arms demanding you pay a mess fine!!!)..wear it...I do sometimes, I have two mess jackets one Summer the other Winter and depending on the occassion I wear kilt or uniform trousers. You should learn to spell sporran before you wear the great scottish garb. :w00t: As its a Burns Night do you like a great chieftain o' the pudding race the Haggis? Tip:. pour whisky over your haggis. :thumright:

    BTW the ladies love to see a real bloke in a kilt :dwarf:

    Enjoy your Burns Night :thumright:
  11. Dont forget to check with Mess President as he could be a sassanach who had some ancestor that was killed by a :bootyshake:Scot :brave: :rambo: and is only reluctantly allowing a scottish theme night (Burns Night)
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes!!!! Who the hell are you to make a comment?

    ooooooooo,,,yesssssssss,,, the guru of opinions!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait for your next dour, sour and bitter opinion. :pukel:
  13. Auch, fantastic!! Let me get my agony bags!!
  14. What REALLY used to p1ss me off when wearing my kilt to a Mess do, was all the girlies who thought it was their God given right to check if I was a ´true Scot´or not. Titter ye not. What would have happened if I went round the mess checking females for 57 webbing/thongs/bloomers etc??? Plus most of them were pissed hogs!

    Awaiting incoming!!
  15. A sitrep on the Burns Night would be good.

    Did you wear the kilt?

    Or are you still in rehab after the women grabbed ter nuts? :D
  16. I wore my kilt with mess dress and white waistcoat to Traf Dinner at Whale Island several years ago.

    I rang the Commander (female) and got her Dog on the phone. He was a jock, so he hoisted it inbaord and told me to proceed and he would let her know.

    In the bar, she came over to thank me for asking and complimented me on my turnout. She was about 6 ft and far to much of the lady to enquire about my underpinnings.

    Unlike the rather drunken passed-over female 2 1/2 who wanted to check for herself and, as quoted above, got a bit tense when i asked if I could do the same with her.

    Anyone remember the name of the Cdr?

    Just as well, as she was gopping. There were many and several Booties in the mess, so one of them would have no doubt tackled it on my behalf.
  17. Happened to me once in an army mess. One tried it, after her reaction the others didn't feel the need to confirm, despite the vocal encouragement of several subalterns.

    But I agree your point, one rule for...
  18. I'd willingly wear a kilt in hot weather as I understand they are fully air conditioned.... but finding one that is capable of circumnavigating my girth is another matter. Also I'm not entitled... :(
  19. Ah now,there'a thing.

    I wore full highland regalia at the millenium,on account of I was on the door of my local to stop the scumbags gettin' in an I'd done time at Faslane.

    I was correctly dressed,and the attention from the ladies was very nice.
    Kept me warm all evening.
    Damned if I know what they complain about if we do it to them!

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