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So I'm thinking about joining up as a weapons technician, I just can't seem to find the name of the location/school in which I will start learning the ins and outs of the engineering side of things (I've read HMS Sultan in Gosport but apparently that's incorrect) as well as where I might get stationed. Would I definitely go to a destroyer or might it be a different class vessel, or to a naval base on land? Also are the SA80's really as bad as people tell me they are?


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1) WE'd train at HMS Collingwood, Fareham.
2) You will go wherever the Navy wants you to go, Minesweeper, Carrier, Frigate or Destroyer, you can express a preference but it's not a guarantee you'll get what you ask for.
3) The SA80 was pants at first, the firing pin broke on my first couple of shoots but it's fine now, after H&K took over production.