Weapons Tech

Tried posting in the Newbies thread but as its Sub related thought I'd try here.

I've looked at the information on the Royal Navy Website and I had looked at the desciption of the role before, when it was still artificers rather than ET's.
But what does a Submarine Weapons Technician Actually do?
I know that they maintain weapons, etc as per the website but can any serving subbies shed some more light on the role.



A link to the latest information regarding the ET(WESM) for you.

There are two sides to weapons engineering in the SM service. Having no experience of it I can't talk with any authority about the Strategic Weapons System (Trident Submarines) side of things, but if you join as an ET(WESM) then you may find yourself required there.

You could equally find yourself working in the Tactical Weapons System field. (Both Fleet & Trident Submarines). In that case you would start working in the WSC (Weapons Stowage Compartment) to begin with where you will be required to qualify as part of the fore-ends crew. After a while you will be rotated around the sections within the WE departement, working for the specialist maintainers in each section. As you get promoted you will be given more training and undertake more technical and demanding work, until eventually you find yourself as one of those specialist maintainers. From there on promotion will take you into a more managerial based role, taking you away from maintaining the equipment.
How quickly that promotion and extra responsibility comes is down to you. Promotion is based on merit, show you're capable and you'll be recommended.

I see from your earlier thread that you've just completed a degree (albeit in accountancy). That would suggest you are reasonably swithched on. (Or not, my sisters an accountant and I wouldn't call her switched on!) In view of this I'm sure the AFCO will suggest possibly considering a commision. And we are short of warfare officers. (For good reason probably, I wouldn't fancy it). If entry as an engineering officer is out of the question, there is the possibility of gainging a commision from within the service. It's exactly that however, a possiblity, nothing is guaranteed. If you join as an ET and don't try/get selected for the wardroom you will spend some of your time doing shitty jobs. It's the nature of the beast. Even the most super of ETs will take an amount of time to gain promotion to Senior Rate. (The shitty jobs don't stop, they just get slightly less so and you get paid more).

It's also worth noting that the Foundation degree awarded to ETs doesn't come until completion of Petty Officers qualifying course. That could be from anytime after about 7 years service (for a REAL flyer) to never.

Long post but I hope it helps.
Thanks for the reply Pompeyexpat, I had considered trying to join as an Officer but I am a bit concerned as my degree is not going to be wonderful and I fear that will harm my chances of succcessfully joining as an Officer.
Although aside my degree I more than meet the educational requirements needed (Highers,etc).

I was also a bit worried about career prospects post RN as a warfare officer, engineering seems to be eminently transferrable to civilian life.

That said if I were to join as a warfare officer I would probably seek a full career in the Royal Navy.