Weapons of Mass Destruction p.l.c. (est 2011).


War Hero
Watched the Time Team programme last night, in which Baldrick and
his oppos dug up a rather natty bit of kit that could turn humans
into well-done meat faster than Burger King could put a Double
Whopper with cheese together.

(ARRSE link).

Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector

With this in mind I thought it would be a corking idea to start a new business
that says "F**k the Geneva Convention", and build some more, even horrendous
weapons that'll take the enemy out in original (and perhaps amusing) ways.
So - design something that will slaughter, maim, destroy, and obliterate on a
f***ing gi-naggerous scale and we'll see if there's any companies out there
that could develop them further - which would in turn make us all rather well
off in the process.

Note: Atomic bomb-makers need not apply.



War Hero
I saw this programme too BNM, jesus it sent shivers down my spine thinking of the effects to a human when that pile of burning flames came towards them, i know i would rather be firing it than in it's line of fire!!

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