weapons engineers start dates???


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Hi all, I was just wondering are there any weapons engineers out there still waiting for a date to start basic? if so when did you do your RT? thanks 8)

Have you completed all the stages of the recruitment process now, including Security Clearance?

If so, have you rung the AFCO to ask your CA when he/she thinks you will be starting basic?


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Yep everything all passed now, i've spoken to my AFCO and they first said some time in sep then i rang them last week and they said oct/nov!! the reasson I ask is because i see some people have their sep start dates, I dont wanna bagger my AFCO office but to tell ya the truth its taking so long long I'm losing heart : (

I just wanna gat my teeth into it all, plus i was 25 yesterday so feeling OLD SCHOOL!!! lol
My son finished all of his tests in November 2008, he has just heard that he starts at Raleigh on November 1st. He didnt hear anything except for his aquaint course at Caledonia so it seems normal to hear nothing until you get the call from your afco. I feel old school because it`s 30 year since I joined!
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