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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Darkfold, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently studying electronics engineering at university and wondering what to do with my life afterwards. I know for certain that I want to travel around the world, but I also want to be able to work/play with things that go bang.
    Seems that the Navy would be quite a good employer to work for (assuming they have anything left afloat by the time I graduate...). I was wondering if anyone on here was currently doing weapons engineering and if so, whats it like?
    Also, what does the job really entail, I know the usual stuff off the Navy recruiting site, but I was more interested in other responsibilities/opportunities aboard (and ashore :) ).
  2. Dude, i'm an M.E.
    But if I had my time again, i'd go W.E ;)
  3. Forget about joining as a rating. A good university degree in Engineering will be wasted. Try and get accepted as an electrical engineering officer in the weapons electrical branch.
    I don't know if its too late for you to apply for navy sponsorship at this stage. However I am pretty certain that some member of RR will have the information required.
  4. I wasnt considering going in as a rating, not enough money in it fer a start :)
    Also it'd be one hell of a waste of a private education :? (not the old style boarding school, mine was an international school specialising in english as a second language, maths and physics, so most of the guy's I know are from china and korea. The new Old Boy's network if you like :p)
  5. Showing your age again slim.
  6. This no longer exists - you now have marine, weapons and air engineering officers, in their respective branches, and also the new info systems officers which come under the WE branch.

    Why not consider applying for a bursary while you study? See the RN website for details. You do your AIB while at university, if you pass you get a bursary and entry to BRNC when you graduate.

    You like sleeping do you? :p
  7. Sitting in the mess waiting for something to break so I can phone the helpline :D
  8. I most certainly am. :)
    However the name may have changed but the job will be the same.
  9. Well, quite frankly I'm not fit enough to join the navy at the moment, if I went for the bursary and subsequent AIB, I'd have to get up to speed pretty damn sharpish. I'm also still not entirely sure I want to get locked in, since an officer starts on a 12 year term. Or can you leave before that? I'd have to repay the bursary but other than that are there any penalties I should be aware of?
  10. Try the RN website for up to date information Darkfold.
    Or better still, make an appointment at you nearest AFCO to talk to someone with the information you require at hand :)
  11. For some, yes. Lots of WEs do a lot more Ops room time than in the past. Quite a number have branch changed to Warfare and I think about half a dozen have had their own drives now.
  12. That actually sounds rather cool. I wouldnt have expected being able to get a drive in a warship :) (even if you do have to change branches to do it. certainly something to tell the grandkids "yep, I crashed HMS Tellytubby, so dont worry about learning to drive" :p )

    I might have a wonder down to a recruiting office after my current round of exams finishes. Certainly cant do any harm.
  13. Return of service is less than that, whilst the length of commission is fixed you can put your notice in earlier.

    In terms of opportunity Electronics would probably let you into any one of the three engineer branches, although it's probably worth checking which professional institution endorses your degree for membership, that might give an indication of which direction to go.

    That said you'll probably find that either Weapon Engineering or Air Engineering is most suitable for you. Both routes have their attractions and as with any branch you're not that tied in, there are opportunities elsewhere that you can exploit.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up karma, I wasnt sure if you had to complete the full 12 years or if you coulld get out after a bit if it didnt pan out quite right. I'd be headding towards Weapons in all likelyhood. Aircraft are fun to fly around in but I wouldnt want to look after them all day.

    Anyway, I'm going to finish this batch of exams and then get myself down to a recruiting office for a chat about what I could do and how best to go about it.

    Thanks for the quick replies all, been very helpful :)
  15. Hiya mate, bit of advice, as a Weapons Tif I can quite categorically confirm, that if you join as an Engineering Officer, you will do no engineering throughout your career. You will be an officer of engineers. So dont expect to be diagnosing/repairing/maintaining Radars/Comms/Combat systems. Thats the PO ETs/ CPO ETs (WE) jobs. Unfortunately the option of joining as a Tif has now passed us by. You can join as an ET but after University the course that you will do, will frankly not test you at all, you will find yourself treading water for at least the first 7 yrs.
    Join as an post grad officer, you will find that as you progress, you will become just a manager of a highly professional team of engineers who being as educated as yourself but doing the stuff at the coalface.
    As the Radar/Sonar maintainer on one of our frigates I find my job immensely rewarding when ive fixed a snag, and being the only Radar engineer onboard the buck does really stop with me.
    Now take my boss, the DWEO(DEPUTY WEAPON ENGINEERING OFFICER). His job is to be a Divisonal Officer(DO) to us Senior Rates (hes 27) we're all 30+ and also DOs. To ensure that we provide equipment availabilty to the best of our ability to the Command. Which we do, without any input from him.
    So if you want to fix things join as an ET(WE) but be prepared to be severley untested in your training. You will be fast tracked and probably be a PO within 4 years.
    Otherwise use your degree to join as an Officer and find yourself pushing paper for your career. Engineering Officers do have a challenging career, but the challenges arent engineering ones.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sound words from Angry Mac- don't expect "hands on" as an officer- you supervise the people doing the fixing, but don't do the fixing yourself.

    Generally the idea is you stand back, hands in pockets, point at things with your feet & ask inane questions. University is a good way of learning the theory without the need to sully your hands with experience!

    Good luck.
  17. If you had worked harder at school you could nave been a WE and got qualifications for sitting in the Mess. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. School had nothing to do with it mate, if it had, I would've been a Seaman Officer ;)
    I wanted to join up as an MEM(L) after my injuries at Lympstone meant that I couldn't carry on with nod training, even after 2 years in the RMR :)

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