Weapons Engineering Officer- Surely it's not that bad?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ADC, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. ADC


    Hi all
    I am currently in the final year of an Electronic Engineering degree, and I have been looking at WEO. However looking back through the forums I have noticed that there could be a 6-10 year wait between "sea" jobs. To be honest this is a bit of a put off for me, as surely the reason to join the Navy is to go to sea? So considering this, could anyone tell me:

    What sort of "shore" jobs could I get?


    Do submariner engineers get more "sea" time?

    I would like to point out at this stage I have not got in touch with an AFCO, and that I am just researching the job, and I would like to hear from people that do the job rather than just get the recruiting spiel.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm not a pure WEO, but am now a WE Officer so take my 5 pennys worth with a degree of caution, but after your BRNC/SEMC time you will go pretty much straight away as a DWEO/CISO, thereafter you might be a second D/WE/CISO appointment but most likely not. Then the next routine sea job for you would be WEO as a junior/mid seniority Lt Cdr. Do the maths it likely to be 5-6 years at least between jobs.

    However in between you could be with MCTA doing trials afloat, an IPT developing new capabilities and getting then to work afloat, with a support unit fitting/moving other capabilities. There are a range of possibilities.

    Just look at the number of platforms we have and you can see why sea appointments will be limited.

    Alfred_The_Great is a WE/PWO hybrid he is quite current and will no doubt pop up to add more detail.
  3. ADC


    Thanks for the reply.
    Having done a quick Google search on MCTA and IPT, they look good as a job, but is the lifestyle on them still military? By that I mean are you posted to a shore establishment and live in the mess, or do you tend to get posted amongst civil servants?
  4. ADC


    Shameless self bump...
  5. I'm only at BRNC at the moment, due to IFT next week, so take what you will from this until someone else comes along.
    From what I have gathered, after BRNC it's the SEMC at Collingwood. That's for 13 months now (instead of the 10 previously). During that time you undergo 2 sea deployments, of 13 weeks each (as of the previous 10 month training period). During these you'll be a AWEO, then on the next deployment, a JWEO (I think it's JWEO), until you finish the course as a fully fledged DWEO and join the fleet proper at trained strength.
    Talking to the DWEO on St. Albans when it was in Canary Wharf last year, I was led to believe the first 3 or so years involve a lot of sea time and then you are shore based until you reach a 2 and a half ringer status.

    Happy to be corrected where required.

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  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    We don't let WEO's go to sea much as the static build up from their man made fibres are a really hazard.
  7. ADC


    O-J Thanks for the info, looks like the careers website needs updating a bit...

    Guns, I take it that WEO's are considered to be like RAF officers then?
  8. Eh?

    Funny 'taches?
  9. ADC


    No, consider tracksuits with trainers and white socks to be the height of fashion.
  10. Gay......ish ?
  11. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    No way - just remember a Warfare Officers skillset revolves around the Command Estimate, chart work and looking good at Command Briefs in front of the CO. WEs, MEs and Loggies need to do things that make the platform work - warfairies are passengers with attitude. As for static, all those cheap chinos and polyester blazers must surely generate Megawatts of the stuff.
  12. Huzzah - WE/Warfare banter!!

    Anyway, WE Sea Appointments are limited to 2 main ones - DWEO and WEO - with the possibility of 2 others - FOST* Sea Riding and Cdr WE on a Capital Ship. Sea Riders are shore based, but will spend most days, and periods of upto a week or two, embarked on a ship or two at sea.

    If you volunteer to go PWO(WE) then you can spend your entire life at sea, thus far I've done 4 sea appointments back to back (like any other Warfare Officer), and am hoping for at least another 2 before trying for Command.

    Shore appointments for WEs can be a whole range of jobs, some of which are very "civvy" (some IPTs and some of the wider "shared" appointments**), some of which are quite warry (OpTours in Afg are available), others are very very engineering based (MCTA and some IPTs). The good thing about being a WE is that there are whole range of jobs open to you that allow you to lean towards the Naval Officer side or towards the pure engineering side, and if you are to reach the highest ranks then you need to show you can thrive in both areas.

    And, if you are to join the branch, please remember you are a Weapon Engineer Officer not an Engineering Officer.

    *FOST - Flag Officer Sea Training
    ** These are appointments that don't have to be filled by any one of a particular specification/branch
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2011
  13. Well that broadened my horizons.

    Many thanks ATG
  14. Is it 'ish' if you don't pull away instead of pushing back?
  15. ADC


    Thanks for the reply ATG, very informative, and apologies for the name error.
  16. I thought pushing back and giving a reach round were only polite?

    Quite interested to know how it's broadened your horizons - I know a few of the guys who run WE acquaints and such like, I'll pass the feedback on to them

    ADC - Don't worry about the error, just try not to mention it in your Charge Board.... :D
  17. Is the same true of MESM officers? If not, do you know how it differs?
  18. I see you've played this game before.

    Unfortunately I didn't go onto an aquaint. My AIB date was the beginning of December and the next aquaint was during a period when this term started, so I rolled the dice and went with it.
  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is there any better sport?
  20. Yes OJ,

    But remember that all of your dicey Aquaint Sessions here at RR proved to be most acceptable in lieu. :wink:

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