Weapons Engineer transfer.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scorpio1986, Mar 3, 2015.

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  1. Good afternoon all,

    I am currently looking into a transfer from REME Tech Elec to a RN WE. I have been informd that i would need to select a trade group to go into (Comms, radar etc)

    From personal experience which role would you suggest. As we dont specialise our training any more i have worked on all forms of equipment from radar to comms to tanks.

    I quite like the sound of Radar and Weapon systems so if you have any inside knowledge on this as well it would be beneficial.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Being a WE I would say it depends on where you fancy working. Outside choose Weapons, inside with electronics and occasionally outdoors choose Sensors and inside all the time choose Comms.

    Also think about what drafts you want as there is hardly any shore jobs for Weapons or Sensors compared to Comms.
  3. Working outside is no change for me, especially during exercises and tours. Not very often we had the correct tools, facilities to do repairs. make do with what we had.

    With regards to Weapons, you say there isnt much shore jobs. Does this mean i would be at sea alot?

    Me being a stinking pongo, i havent got a clue how your engineering side works. I am still doing research, but i intend to submit transfer papers in the next week or so.

    From my discussions with the Branch Manager i would be put onto POETQC and SRLC courses, followed by 18months sea service and hopefully promotion to PO.

    The fact that i can get the foundation degree within the next 2 years or so is a big one, as the waiting list for REME Tech Tiff is huge. Good old Army 2020 Restructuring at its best.
  4. With regards to Weapons maintainers you have to look at the equipment you maintain to realise that there isn't much call for shoreside maintainers. Maybe trials teams and shoreside support but that is it. As a PO from POETQC you can expect a 30-36 month sea job before coming ashore.
  5. So does that mean i woud be away fo 30 - 36 months?? Or does that mean i would be assigned a vessel for that period and deploy when she deploys??

    Need to learn the lingo.
  6. You would be ships company of that ship/submarine, not necessarily away. As you're a pongo, think of it as being assigned to a Regiment for 30 - 36 months before you move on to another draft.
  7. fair enough makes complete sense. From experience is Weapons or Sonar the way to go??

    The idea of fixing SA80's and GPMG to me is an armourers job, i thought the weapons job would be working on the electrical aspects of missiles and gun systems.

    Obviously it encompasses these jobs as well, just would like to know if you are streamlined towards light weapons or big boys toys.
  8. Whatever floats your boat really (pun intended), I was an ME so I'm not in a position to judge.
  9. So the submariner approach. Would you recommend that, whats the training like and obviously the financial incentives would help with nice holidays or just paying for the kids.

    Are all of the drafts at Faslane (Probably a stupid question)
  10. You'll be drafted (posted/assigned) to a ship for 30 - 36 months and be part of the ships company for that period.
    All your work will be on that ship no matter where it is, at sea or alongside somewhere, home port or abroad.
    After your 30 - 36 months you'll leave that ship and be drafted to a shore establishment for some months, (I don't know how many, maybe 18), employed in your trade or perhaps in a job open to all trades, then drafted to another ship for 30 - 36 months and so on.

    Please bear in mind that I've been outside for some years now but i 'm sure that's still roughly how it works.
    I hope that makes things a little clearer.
  11. I find it staggering that you would be brought into the RN as a LH that would have completed PO course and be in a position to ask questions like this?

    No offence but really???

    As it stands, you would probably get a 3 year sea draft and if you are lucky, may get a a year shore side (if you are lucky)

    I know plenty that have been assigned to sea going units for 15 years+ (career courses/professional courses aside)
  12. Well stagger away!! You use completely different lingo and all i am doing is some research.

    If you dont have anything constructive, then please just sod off.
  13. Don't take offence, just find it a bit odd how someone with zero naval experience can come in straight on POQC and SRLC.

    They teach you very little on how to conduct yourself on a ship or even less on a submarine and what is expected of you when alongside at sea outside of your specific trade, there can be loads of extra required that lads and lasses pick up through experience in order to do their basic jobs in said rate.

    Pleas do not take offence.
  14. If you want lots of foreign visits, don't go boats.

    You do a lot of extra training to become a submariner and you do get extra dosh. By the time you get in and finish POET training, if you go boats you will go Faslane.
  15. As I said in the other thread, that's what tiffs used to do, no difference and at least he won't be a Direct Entry Tiff, that was really successful....not!
  16. Well i can inform you that this works across all services. they take into account your previous experience, the CM will then put me/others on courses that are required to ensure they are upto standard before being drafted. I am sure i can learn quick enough, this isnt something that has just some in, its been going on for years.
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  17. Weapons stream maintains anything from a signal pistol, SA80, GPMG, 20/30mm, 4.5" Gun, Phalanx, Trackers, Seawolf, Sea Viper, Harpoon and anything else that goes Bang.

    Sensors maintains Radar, Sonar, EW, Towed Array, Nav Aids.
  18. Direct Entry PO is happening this year.
  19. You aint called digger for no reason hey.................

    The idea of fixing SA80 and GPMG is not what i want, so probably moving towards the sonar side of life then. On the other hand i do have expereince on short range radar with Rapier.
  20. They never learn!!

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