Weapons Engineer or Weapons Engineer Submariner?

Weapons engineer Ships or Boats

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Hi guys, as ive said before i applied with my 1st preference as ETWE and 2nd as ETWESM.

I plan on discussing both options in the interview but at the moment i'm veering towards surface, not 100% yet though, some days i'l think i should go surface, some days i'l think submarines as I think i could hack it + more money :thumright: and hotels and stuff. Just wondering what you think is the best option, some submariners opinions would be good also in helping me make the decision.
The extra money is a pittance, and barely makes up for the money you are charged for accommodation whilst you are on a sea-going boat (something skimmers don't have to pay). Staying in the odd hotel for the very few runs-ashore that you get (a deployed skimmer barely spends two weeks at sea before calling in at some exciting port, whereas boats often spend two months or more at sea between jollies, and there are a limited number of ports prepared to berth a nuclear submarine) isn't what it's cracked up to be. If you think you could hack it, that probably means you have some reservations, which says to me you would be unsuitable. Most submariners I know (and I know hundreds) regret not seeing the world first courtesy of Grey Funnel Cruise Lines.


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Obviously I can't give an opinion one way or the other, but m advice would be speak to your AFCO and see if you can get on acquaint visit for both for preference to get some idea of what you would be doing.
Just wondering is it your intention to make a career decision based on the results of an internet forum poll ?

Have a wonderful day
Nope, i'l make a decision based on what i think is best, i just thought that it'd be good to ask people who are already in the rn ie, this forum and afco, rather than make a decision on my own having no experience of navy life..yet.
If you want to see the world and have a laugh, go general service. Be prepared for an excess of bullshit, however, especially in the Guzz navy.

If you want to be more informal, but maybe not see as much as you would like, go boats. They might even let you look through the periscope at that Caribbean sunset.

It is simple, go to General Service and get a three years sea going under your belt and see some of the world. If you then fancy boats then volunteer to transfer. As has been said, over the year in boats you will not earn much more than your sea going General Service opposite number.

That is what all us old pharts did because you could not join boats until you had a couple of years in.


PS Just remember you could join boats, get drafted to bombers and only ever go to Faslane or Culport in the Clyde.
Jus do what some of the lads onboard have done go GS see if you like it and enjoy the fresh air & then go Subs if you like it after you have been round one.
Thanks for the replies,reinforced what i was already thinking, i'l go in general service etwe first .Just wanna get in asap now!

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