Weapons Engineer .... Good choice?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by willmuse, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I'm really excited ( and nervous) about going to Raleigh but do you think ET WE (SM) - weapons engineer, submariner is a good choice? I hope i've made the right one! Can anyone say first had they enjoyed/enjoy their job? Thansk!:D
  2. Excellent choice with good prospects in civilian life after you finish with the RN
  3. WE's 8 hours sleep a day, and then what you get at night is a bonus!!! Good choice.......
  4. When you`done your part 3 have fun, read DCI`s go sailing ,gliding or what ever floats you boat. Its better if pusser pays for your fun than you. It may sound boring but there is an education allowance available use it to YOUR advantage. Good luck, it can be a great life.
  5. Same choice as me mate.

    I'm just waiting for my security check to clear now.

    Good luck anyway :thumright:
  6. Plenty of prospects in civilian life..... I can think of one TESCO shelf stacker
  7. Jancox, you've been sussed now you ******* tosser. I rarely get angry but trolls like you really piss me off.

    You must have such a wonderful life -- so wonderful that you have nothing better to do than bring everyone down.

    You tried to piss on Snapdragon's parade in the passing out topic, now do us all a favour and pass out yourself... for good!
  8. Slow down and don't throw your toys out of your pram just yet.
    If you cannot take a little light hearted banter now then I recommend you pick another career. As for you abuse towards me I will ignore it this time and put it down to a childish tantrum. Good luck with your chosen trade and take a little advice - Don't Bite.
  9. Thanks for all the advice guys am now even more excited!!! Yeh, see you soon the guy who's waiting for the all cleart go !!!
  10. Creddly - Fellow welsh man too... excellent!(Y)
  11. Well half and half mate. :thumright:

    Oh and Jancox, you can dress your style of humour up as banter all you want, but you're being cocky and you know it !!!
  12. half half...:p

    Have you not had your date for Raleigh yet then??
  13. No mate, security check has been going through for 6 weeks now and no news.

    I'm going to phone Monday!
  14. Aw, I bet that's annoying buddy!

    Yeh give them a bell I would.

    6 weeks taking the piss a bit much. your great great grandfather wasnt in the nazi party or anything?? haha

    ... watch now, my luck you'll turn round and say ... "oh yeh, he was"
  15. Good luck mate, as a fellow WE I wish you well. Now must kick out some more Zs
  16. Thanks:D
  17. Creddly, sorry if you think I'm being cocky. But I was serious when I said Good luck, I think you will need it if you don't change your abusive attitude. Anyhow, I'm off to look at the grown ups Forums. TTFN

    P.S. good luck to all who have recently or just about to join the mob.
  18. I know you are just thinking fof starting one career but you also need to think what skills you will need to get a job after you leave. IMHO WE is the way to go.
  19. Talking through your arse again jancox.
    ET SM has the same prospects as an AET only submariners get paid sh!tloads more.
    If they serve on nuclear boats and get their nuclear qualifications when they go outside the worlds their oyster.
  20. AKA Flash


    A word of advice, you're going to need to keep your temper in check. If you flash quite a often in training, to such trivial provocation as you frequently do on here, I wouldn't anticipate much in the way of success.

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