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Weapon Engineering (Submariner)


I have just put my application in for this post and it says in the information booklet that you could be fast tracked if you have GCSE' this correct?


War Hero
Fast track is usually on a case by case basis rather than 'I've got lots of gcse's, fast track me' type basis. Whilst gcse's will help as they demonstrate an ability to learn, other factors are also taken into account.


War Hero
My understanding is that fast-tracking is ultimately dependant upon your performance when you get to sea. You could have a plethora of GCSEs, entrance test results to match mine, be top recruit at Raleigh, and still be found wanting when it comes to actually doing the job. Alternatively, you could leave school with no GCSEs, scrape in on the tests, fail your kit-muster several times at Raleigh, but excel at actually carrying out your job.

Guess which of the two is likely to be fast-tracked.
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