Weapon Engineering Officer/E(IS)O SIFT interview queries

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by abarrett88, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    First post - i'm currently studying for an MEng in Computer Science (1st year) and i've applied for the DTUS bursary as a Weapon Engineer Officer (formerly as an E(IS)O before they were combined into one). So far so good - I have my SIFT interview tomorrow afternoon and i'm now hopefully as clued up as I'm going to be about the RN's operations/ships/weapons/organisation etc. However, I am having serious trouble finding information about post BRNC officer training and the actual role of the WEO from the point of view of someone who applied as an E(IS). Information on the E(IS)O role seemed incredibly scarce prior to the merger and now I can't find anything comprehensive at all.

    I managed to find:

    Which detailed the SEMC training for a WEO but is dated 2010 and the two links provided by older_joiner a couple of posts down unfortunately point to dead gov.uk links. Is this information still accurate? So; HMS Collingswood is split into three stages (1, 2, 3A, 3B), following which you are a Deputy Weapons Engineer Officer and then you go on to do a mixture of ship/shore time to get IET accreditation? Does anyone know the breakdown of this ship-time and the end result/commission?

    What exactly does the E(IS)O do when incorporated with WES and does it strictly even exist anymore? About halfway through my application, I was told that the E(IS) had been "eaten" by the Weapon Engineer Officer branch by my recruiting officer but wasn't given any further details as he had none himself. The official careers publications haven't been updated to reflect the change and there is no mention of it on the Royal Navy Website. Could anyone recommend some specific reading for this or does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of the new role?

    Many thanks in advance guys.
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  2. It's no surprise that you cannot find any information about post HMS Raleigh. I would be even more surprised if you found out any information about pre HMS Raleigh. Officers go to Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC).
  3. Nice error to make in the sentence following "I'm hopefully as clued up as i'm going to be...". Corrected - BRNC is (hopefully) where I will be doing my officer training. Thanks.
  4. Soleil, thanks for that - thankfully the officer interviewing me appreciated that there was very little in the way of information for the SEMC course. I passed the SIFT and he managed to fill me in on the bits I was missing ready for the AIB in late August.

    I was told that coming into WE as someone with a degree in Computer Science then my role would depend on the vessel I was posted to. He said that submarines still have a dedicated E(IS) officer but in most cases you play a versatile role as a weapons engineer sometimes dabbling in more computer orientated stuff as and when required. He said it was analogous to the Catering Officer role or chef which was absorbed into the Logistical officer role - mainly with the downsizing of the Navy versatility is key.
  5. We have what is called a CIS(E) on submarines, but that's a job title rather than a specific trade. A WE officer joining a boat after DWEOs course will usually start as the CIS(E), before moving into the DWEO post after 12-18 months.
    Large parts of the tactical weapon system use windows operating systems so any WE officer can expect to 'dabble' in computers.
  6. So now when someone asks 'are there windows on your submarine' you can honestly reply 'yes'!

    And yes, I do know about the bridge windows!
  7. How about the tunnel window?
  8. Out of interest how did you get on with DTUS? I'm thinking of applying this year, whilst I'm a second year as I'm at a DTUS University. I also study an MEng Computer Science and want to go for WEO. Not sure if I can get on DTUS for just 3rd and 4th years though (assuming my application will take the majority of 2nd year).
  9. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    The E (IS) branch was absorbed by the WE branch around 2008.

    So ICS now falls under the WE remit but there as yet isn't a dedicated or clear career path unlike that for those WEs with an interest in radar, explosives, missiles or gun systems.

    There are seedcorn/developmental posts as CISO/CISE on all platforms where you would manage part of typically a sub communications sub group.

    Thereafter at the moment you'd have to play a large part in managing your own destiny BUT the Branch is now trying to develop a better understanding and career mapping for CIS.
  10. Could you elaborate more on the radar system side please? Us Computer Scientists are more than just the IT Crowd, I personally have experience with surveillance and radar through my internships.
  11. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer


    Oddly I can't because I'm a WE (IS) that moved across and was too senior to go down the CISO/CISE route and do my Charge Quals.

    I've a Computer Science Degree and Masters and have pretty much stayed in that swin lane (and been very happy there) but just because you may decide to concentrate in ICS doesn't mean you won't get exposed to wider systems. For instance I've worked on Mil SATCOM, Mil SATCOM procurement, led deployable ICS support teams and developed/delivered training courses.

    Always varied.

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