Weapon Engineering Officer Career Progression

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Geeky_Engineer, Oct 12, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, I have just graduated from University with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering (my thesis was on Control systems in extreme environments). I am currently spending a few hours each day preparing for my Weapon Engineering Officer sift interview, still a way out from my AIB if I make it though the sift.

    As is suggested many times on this forum most of the answers needed for the sift interview/AIB can be found with a little common sense and some digging! However on a couple of points I have read some conflicting (and possibly outdated) information so if anyone can chip in with some clarification that would be great:

    My main questions (in bold) concern the timing of promotions for WEO's and how those fit into the training pipeline. As I currently understand it:

    3 terms of 10 weeks @BNRC Dartmouth, one of which (2nd?) is served at Sea where the Cadet Officer will be expected to pass an exam (fleet board?) at the end of the time at sea.

    Upon passing out of BNRC the WEO is commissioned as a Sub Lt. Then comes 10 months of SEMC(WE) training at HMS Collingwood, including more time at sea as a JWEO and AWEO after which (if successful) the WEO is promoted automatically to Lt.

    When can a hardworking WEO expect to have the opportunity to become a Lt Com? Just a ballpark figure: 4years, 6years, 10years?

    Does the new officer receive any credit for having attained a masters degree rather than joining a non engineering branch straight from A-levels?
    The reason I ask is that there is one basic rate of pay for cadets at Dartmouth but I have been reading material indicating that it takes Warfare Officers a little longer to be promoted to Lt and Lt Com than WEO's, however a lot of jargon was being used in what I was reading and I may have mis-understood.

    I know this is more detail than I'll need for my sift but the questions are for my own interest as well :)

    Many thanks, first post but have already gained a lot from reading Rum Nation over the last few months!

    Here is a 2 year old thread which has been one of my sources: http://www.navy-net.co.uk/joining-up-royal-navy-recruiting/62225-progression-weapons-engineering-officer.html
  2. Hi,

    I've been a subscriber to this thread as I have an interest in some answers as well. I will answer the questions I know but I'm still in the recruitment pipeline.

    3rd term is IFT (Initial fleet time).

    I'm not 100% how it all works, will have to look at an employment contract, but I'm pretty sure you pass out of BRNC as a midshipman now.

    From what i gather you will do two two year shore based jobs following DWEO time. After this is when your likely to be promoted before you go back to sea as WEO. Could be longer, probably not going to be shorter.

    Golden hello, currently £27k i think.
  3. Hi Sunnyhillboy passed the sift no problem thank you for the corrections above, it was actually talked about at sift. Was also told about the Golden Hello upon recruitment but haven't heard anything about it since!?

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