Weapon engineer, role transfer?

Hi, im looking to apply for the navy and WE is what im choosing to apply for, but I really want to join the RM commandos and I spoke to a careers advisor yesterday who said it would be possible to transfer from WE to commandos some time down the line because of tranferrable skills from WE. Is this true or is he just trying to persuade to sign up haha.
Are there any roles that would be good for transferring to RM commandos because thats definitely where I want to be eventually


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It's always easier to just join the Royal Marines from scratch if that's what you want to do.

'Transferring' to the Corps from the RN is always more difficult than going the other way.


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The easiest way to transfer would be to leave the RN and join the RM...
ATG agree I know of one that went from stoker to Booty, it would have been quicker to leave RN & re-join as an RM, so if it's Royal you want then start as a Royal, as time rolls on your fitness may go down hill, hence not fit to be a Marine, I would hazard a guess that most RN members would not be fit enough to be a Marine, so go whilst youth is on your side.
can the question just be answered please
You have chosen a BH Weekend but RR's Resident Recruiter @Ninja_Stoker may yet surface to offer advice.

Having said that, please remember that this is an Unofficial Site and even Ninja's replies always include the following caveat in his signature block:

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Can you transfer from the RN to RM - yes.

Is it easy, quick or the best way to join the RM - no.

If you want to be a Marine, join as a Marine. If you want to be a WE, join as a WE.


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I think your question has been answered a few ways.
I'll keep it simple
Yes it is possible to transfer from Navy to Marine.
Is out easy, no
Navy could say no
Then you would have to leave navy to join marines.
Decide navy or get fit and join marines next year, if you cannot get marine fit in a year at your age you may never be able to be a marine.
When I was 16, granted a while ago, I was fit enough to join any service, I chose RN WE and stuck with it, had a ball no regrets


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Can you transfer from the RN to RM - yes.

Is it easy, quick or the best way to join the RM - no.

If you want to be a Marine, join as a Marine. If you want to be a WE, join as a WE.

We frequently come across individuals that join the Naval Service and view the range of jobs as though they are 'Tesco's Finest' range and believe they can fill the basket and switch with relative ease from Jet fighter pilot to Commando to Diver to Aircrewman to SAS and finally, the holy grail of revered Naval excellence (as seen on TV), ET(ME) ;) They're off their trolley.

I could definitely get marine fit in a year but I cant wait a year ahha
Those that can't be bothered to get off their backsides to get fit enough to join the Royal Marines from the outset do not get issued a box of fitness upon pass-out in other random jobs. It doesn't take a year to get fit enough for those suitably motivated. Without motivation, they aren't going to get a green hat either.

It is more difficult, time-consuming and frustrating trying to transfer roles after joining. In actual fact the S3049 Attestation Form upon which you effectively "sign on" specifically states that you are content with the job you are joining and understand there is no guarantee you can change after joining.

The trouble for starters is it is an administrative burden for the branch and unit you intend leaving. Not only are they going to be a man down, (even if only temporary) they are going to have to do extra work to deplete their trained strength.

The source branch will want their pound of flesh after you complete training so in most cases, unless the individual is a duffer and they are glad to get rid, there's the 30 month return of service to complete after training. If the source branch is struggling to fill billets they can legitimately say; "No, if you want to transfer, leave the service so I get a relief for your billet and apply to join the Service afresh". Most people transferring therefore, find themselves doing much of the administrative 'legwork' to enable a transfer.

Yes, it happens but my advice is simply join the job you most want to do from the outset because although people can sometimes transfer after joining, the vast majority do not.

Incidentally, we ain't short of ET(WE)'s so it's not a case of bums on seats. If you want to switch branch do it before you join, it is the ONLY guaranteed way of achieving your goal.
From applying how long would it take until RM training would begin? I kind of need to apply quick which is what i meant by "i cant wait a year" i wasnt talking about fitness

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