Weapon engineer, role transfer?

Hi, im looking to apply for the navy and WE is what im choosing to apply for, but I really want to join the RM commandos and I spoke to a careers advisor yesterday who said it would be possible to transfer from WE to commandos some time down the line because of tranferrable skills from WE. Is this true or is he just trying to persuade to sign up haha.
Are there any roles that would be good for transferring to RM commandos because thats definitely where I want to be eventually


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It's always easier to just join the Royal Marines from scratch if that's what you want to do.

'Transferring' to the Corps from the RN is always more difficult than going the other way.


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The easiest way to transfer would be to leave the RN and join the RM...
ATG agree I know of one that went from stoker to Booty, it would have been quicker to leave RN & re-join as an RM, so if it's Royal you want then start as a Royal, as time rolls on your fitness may go down hill, hence not fit to be a Marine, I would hazard a guess that most RN members would not be fit enough to be a Marine, so go whilst youth is on your side.