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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mmatt22, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. I am brushing up my knowledge for my AIB; I am applying as a DGE Weapons Engineer. This is a summary of the training pipeline I have put together from info from the website + careers office publication.
    Please if you can point out any mistakes or things I may have missed out + any information on what happens after SEMC, e.g. next step? Is there an exam at the end?

    Training Pipeline:

    Start BRNC Dartmouth (Devon)
    28 weeks – split into 2 terms of 14 weeks

    Term 1: Initial training featuring; induction, firearms SA80 course, defence writing and Command Leadership & Management, Boat handling + navigations, warfare, Whole ship organisation, operation planning and Marine environment. Also Basic Sea Safety Course and ABLE.

    Term 2: 10 weeks of Initial Fleet Time (ending in Fleet Board), then back to BRNC for 4 including MARL + passing out

    Professional training – HMS Collingwood (Portsmouth)
    Approx. 10 months at HMS Collingwood SEMC(WE) course.
    • Phase I :
    13 weeks - Naval Systems, Principlces and Techniques
    • Phase II:
    12 weeks - Weapon Engineering, Administration and Management.
    • Phase IIIa:
    6 Weeks – Leadership CBRND/SPO/ISSC
    • SFT(WE) as AWEO (Surface fleet time? As an assistant weo?)
    Platform base PJTs
    • Phase IIIb
    6 Weeks - Platform/CIS PJT
    Then join the fleet as a junior WEO?

    I have underlined parts i do not understand - So if anyone can help elaborate them that would be great.
    The person that gave me information on the SEMC course mentioned that between ether Phase I and II or II and III there is more time at sea. I cannot remember were, can anyone help me?

    Many thanks
  2. Hi there mmatt22

    I'm going down the same route as you, but other then some links that soleil posted in a thread further down page one as of today, I have been unable to find any information regarding the professional training element at HMS Collingwood (which is in Hampshire mate).
    Do you have a link to where you found this information, or was it word of mouth that you made notes on?

    edit- quick side question- do you have an AIB date and when did you have your SIFT?
    Just wondering what if a January start is likely for myself (if that is what you are also working on).


    edit again-
    Phase 1

    Phase 2
  3. Edited.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Having an educated guess at the acronyms...

    CBRND = Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Defence (used to be called NBCD in my day!)
    SPO = Ship's Protection Organisation
    ISSC = Intermediate Sea Survival Course

    Others more current than myself will be able to provide a little more detail on what each entails.
  5. I think adding more info will just confuse the matter. The headings and stages you have here are more than enough for the 15 second answer you'll be required to give at the AIB.
  6. Thanks so much all :)

    Oj - Yes I am hoping for January entry, I have my AIB this Sunday, will let you know how it goes/what they say about entry.
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Good luck... but FFS, learn to spell "professional" correctly - putting spolling errors into essays looks so un-Proffesional! :)
  8. spolling corrected ^^
  9. P.s - anyone know what a respectable MSFT level is?
    I can just about manage 10.5 (might be able to push myself to 11 in next 2 days) but im nearly dead at that point. I have not been running long, I swim + mma so it has been hard for me despite the fact that I am fairly fit. Do you think this will do?
  10. I thought Collingwood was in Fareham which is in Hampshire but isn't in Portsmouth, so OJ was correct in correcting the OP :wink:
  11. i was thinking of blagging it and saying about time someone noticed.
    But alas, I'm too honest.

    edit-what K640 said :wink:

    matt. It's all about technique. Sprint the first half and begin to slow down from that point on so that at the point of turn around, you don't need to suddenly deccelerate.
    Maybe try some 400m sprints tomorrow, but at this stage technique will be easier to adapt.
  12. I guess that's the polite way of putting it :D
  13. I have a horrible feeling that I'm missing something here... :oops:
  14. All of the above takes place at HMS Excellant. CBRND training is a series of briefs followed by a visit to the Gas Chamber to test those gas masks! This is followed by more briefs and practical firefighting training in the fantastic simulators we have. And the Pièce de résistance: a bash in the DRIU (Damage repair Instructional Unit) see here for more details:

    The DRIU is great fun, especially if you get to go into the machinery space.

    SPO (Ships Protection Organisation) Takes place on HMS Bristol and again is a very enjoyable evolution teaching you how to respond should any undesirables get aboard the ship.

    ISSC is all about how to survive should you be required to abandon ship and gives you all the skills necessary to survive, culminating in a leap into a freezing cold lake (depending on the time of year) to board a life raft. Great stuff!

    I hope this is of some help to you and I wish you all the best!
  15. I had your post relayed today to a WEO who is very well placed indeed to advise.

    The reply says:

    "His outline is spot on. To answer the queries:

    - SFT - Specialist Fleet Time as an Assistant WEO for approx 12

    - There is a period of sea time between Phase 1 and 2, which
    has just been implemented, known as Junior WEO's time to prepare them
    for the management phase again lasting approx 12 weeks.

    - After SEMC you join the Fleet as a WE section officer -
    either Deputy WEO, Weapon Section Officer or some sort of other
    technical sounding title which is pretty much ship dependant. "
  16. Sorry, meant to reply yesterdau but I was on my phones internet.

    Good luck with the 3 (2) days and let me know how the situation is when you've passed.

    edit- Soleil

    From me, many thanks as that is information (other then your helpful links at the beginning of this week) I have yet to find as I haven't been able to contact my recruitment Lt as of yet.
  17. How'd it go?

    I have been told that all AIBs running until christmas are booked now, so it looks like May for me now.
  18. Sorry it took so long to reply I have been away, but I passed :)!!!!

    I have got my selection letter through two days after I got back (and before my AIB pass letter had even come back ^^) and I will be starting in January.

    Cant wait :)
  19. Good man
    When you say been away, I take it for granted it has been in a drunken stupor from the celebrations.

    How did you find it?

    I'm glad the selection letter turn around time is rapid as I have to give my 1 months notice at work, should I pass my AIB at the beginning of December (late cancellation).

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