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weapon engineer interview



i am currently researching some information for my interview for weapon engineer.

if any of you have some inforamtion towards this please speak out on here, will be appriciated.

I am struggling to find out what ships weapon engineers serve on, from the names and what the ships roles are.

Also where they can operate around the world. I know its world wide, just a bit more detail needed. I will continue to research

cheers guys



Wrecks leave the guy alone he maybe had already got as far as his daily duties in research and decided to practice, give him a few ours horizontal and he may come round for stand easy?


was only asking for some help as i have a busy work life. i have since researched the different types of ships and names of them, but there's a lot to take in as i am new to this. was asking for a hand from some of you so called professionals. Makes me think, do i really want to be like you? (a miserable old tosser who has nothing better to do than to make out your number one, when realistically, your a divorced waste of time behind a computer, slating those who want to learn)

my bad for asking for help (when i have been researching a load of other things to do with a career)


War Hero
There's not a lot of ships these days, therefore not a lot to take in.

Play nice 'guys'.


War Hero
Haha that esculated quickly! Good luck for the interview, rather than it being a test for the sake of it it is to make sure you fully understand what the job entails, where you might live/serve and other demands. For example, if you went to interview and said yeah i cant wait to have my own cabin, travel wherever i want and earn millions you would fail as clearly have no understanding what you are about to take on :p if you have an understanding of ships ie) 6 destroyers, based at pompey then they know you know.


i have taken in where the navy serve around the world and what they do in most of the places. I have also looked into the job role of course and what and where all training for this will take place and duration's. like i said its alot to take in. from what i been reading. so i was kindly asking for a few tips or good information. not for someone with a lot of knowledge just to be little me, sorry cant help my replies to people who are in my pet hate category. (this being people who think that taking the piss out of someone learning is a good thing as they have served many years. rather than helping out)

thanks to all the helpful answers

means alot


War Hero
ok a serious answer what types of ships have you learnt so far that WEs serve on?

You mong, I add that as you started name calling.

From a friendly WE. XXXXXX


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Don't take umbrage, do your own reserch. Its really not that difficult, even if you do have a 'really busy life'. Why come on here expecting to be spoon fed the answers?
Do some basic research and then come back and ask specific questions. If you want the life, work for it.
And if you really expect not to have the piss taken out of you, you're looking to join the wrong service. Try the RAF.
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