We will grace the Cornwall with our presence!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jesse, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. It's come round again, we are packing and off to bring a touch of class and refinement to the less fortunate. First halt Taunton Dean second Jamacia Inn then onto Porthleven. WE re watched Deliverance and got a c.d. of dueling banjo's:numberone:If you happen to notice a most distinguished gentleman with a neatly trimmed set and a mane of silver hair with a walking stick in THe Harbour Bar Porthleven . The Chain Locker Falmouth. ,walking round Mullion also If I feel brave enough after last years punch up stations the Atlantic View In Porthleven, I sat in a locals seat. Say Hallo it will be I.:headbang:
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  2. Hope you have a good time, I'm overdue for a spell in Cornwaille so behave and keep the place tidy.
  3. A30 or A38? A30 has been mined and the Tamar Bridge is now a drawbridge :)
  4. I'd give Jamaica inn a miss mate. It's dogshit these days.
  5. Fixed that for you Monty ... no charge!
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