We Remember Submariners.


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For information of those that may wish to join.



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Janner, I might be talking out of place (unheard of I know ;) ) but is there any possibility your gang could source / sell the good old submarine belts? The Museum no longer does them.


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Have a look at the link above, it goes to the shop, if they don't have them put in a suggestion if they think they can make some funds out of it they may well go for it.
It's a good cause and has already done some good, amongst other things they fund wreaths for the various Submarine Memorials around the country.


Already a member, and have purchased a few bits from the site shop since i joined.
They also do a really nice "WRS" poppy lapel badge (which you pledge to buy in the year prior to its release) which reflects submariners that have crossed the bar in the relevant year with small gold poppies incorporated into the design. A really nice touch I thought.
Well worth a visit to the site.


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For those not aware they brought out a special San Juan lapel badge in memory of those who died on the Argentinian Boat, it raised several thousands of pounds which was donated to the families of the deceased.

They have just started a new membership scheme, £10 gets you a membership badge, this years WRS badge and 10 percent off of anything you buy from the shop.

It's now a registered charity, amongst those on the committee is Gill Moyneaux. All stemmed from John Bradbury's idea a very short few years ago.


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Don't they still sell them in the Submarine Shool @WreckerL?
They used to as I ordered them in but the submarine museum sells less submarine related stuff since they were subsumed into the RN museum run from pompey dockyard.

There's nothing on the website but I'll check with my contacts on Monday.


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They used to as I ordered them in but the submarine museum sells less submarine related stuff since they were subsumed into the RN museum run from pompey dockyard.

There's nothing on the website but I'll check with my contacts on Monday.
My bold. Ain't that a fact! I was in there a couple of days ago and the sales area is half the size it used to be. I could have had a white wooly pully for £80.........


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FOUNDER - Here is a copy of the letter I shall be sending shortly to HRH Prince William -
The Principal Private Secretary to:-
HRH Prince William Mountbatten-Windsor, The Duke of Cambridge, KG. KT. ADC(P).,
Clarence House,
Flat 1
Kulbir Thapa House
Hill Top
1st October 2019
I write (as I do every year) to request that the two lapel pins enclosed be passed on, if possible, to their Royal Highness’s The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for them to wear on a suitable occasion, should they so desire, perhaps during the National Remembrance period.(This in view of His Highness’s position as Honorary Commodore of the Submarine Service).
WE REMEMBER SUBMARINERS is now in its seventh year of existence, and its second as a Registered Charity. From its initial founding, with 208 members, we now have over 4000 followers and have just created an official membership (in the last two months) which already has over 500 Members.
This year WRS has provided over 160 wreaths to the Funerals of Submariners or donations in lieu to Charity. This was the original aim of WRS which has now expanded far in scope.
In addition we have granted the following (and this is not a comprehensive list) –
Our own fund for the Next of Kin of the ARA San Juan - (£31000) which is currently being sent to individual Bank Accounts. (I am told by friends in the MOD that our involvement in fundraising for this cause has had a large effect on increasing friendly relations between the RN and the Argentine Navy).
The Submarine Memorial Fund £1500
The K13 Memorial Plaque £500
The Keith Bishop Memorial Fund £1750 (Providing for Sea cadets from TS Royalist to attend Engineering courses in Sultan)
Wigan Athletics youth team £500
Don Public House War Memorial Bar £250
Plymouth RN Wheelchair Rugby team £2000
This year we are aiming to sell 8000 of our yearly memorial pins (two of which I am including here for you). This should raise £40,000 towards next years charitable efforts.
I am also enclosing two of our Membership pins for yourself and your wife.
I Remain, Sir,
Your Obedient Servant,
John Bradbury,
PO(TS)(SM) Rtd,


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Details on how to join WRS for anyone who may be interested.

Membership of We Remember Submariners
We are proud to announce that following a successful period of test, registered charity We Remember Submariners is now open for anyone to join, as a member.
Membership is entirely optional and does not affect anybody being able to purchase the annual pin, from the shop, website or outstations.
Annual membership costs £10 for a full 12 months membership. For that, members will receive:
The yearly pin (worth £5.50),
A member badge (worth £5.50)
10% discount in the online shop (excluding the current yearly pin) and
The option to receive a periodic newsletter.
... and, if you are a submarine veteran, being remembered with a gold poppy, should you sadly pass away whilst you were a member.
Additional pins are also available through outstations and from the online shop.
Sign up now at https://we-remember-submariners.com/membersh…/wrs-membership
Please share, lets get the word out.
Many thanks
Ian Atkinson


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Me too. Signed up, ordered some slops which are already wending their way to Canada :)

BZ to all the volunteers.

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Received slops today. Nice tee shirt, smart tie, members pin and 2019 remembrance pin. Thanks to alcon at WRS.

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