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Hello guys

I was just wanting to check something, tomorrow i have my recruitment test and was wondering if there would be other people taken it at the same time? ano sounds rather silly :oops: but just wanted to see if there is, any help would be greatly apreciated.

haha na ave done plenty of stuff for the test was just curious if it was like a set day for a few people to all come in and do it


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hi ben,
i took my RT in october there were about 10 of us, when your done you'll have wait about an hour to get your result, then they'll call you in one by one to tell you if youve passed, i was second from last!
Good luck mate sure you'll breeze through.x
haha thanks mate sure i'll do ok i hope, a dunno what the score is i need to get for Marine Engineering (Submariner) think it might be just over 55%


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thanks Janner i meant to be called in for my result ha ha :lol:

Ben im not sure on % as they just tell you if youve passed (or if you havent scored high enough what your 2nd choice is) engineering has a higher % more than anything else so ive heard

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