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i originally applied for weapons engineer but i did my RT a few weeks ago and was told i did exceptionally well and that i could aim higher in my roles.
Was told to look at the communications technician. was told theres no rush to choose at the mo but i wondered if anyone had any more info on the roles. ive seen plenty about WE but not much about CT for obvious reqsons to do with the role. but im quite a hands on person and i dont know if i will just be stuck in a room if i choose CT.
also life after the navy which one would lead to more afterwards?


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I really don't see one being "higher" than the other. WE, particularly if you stream CIS, can lead down similar paths to CT, especially in regard to Cyber and Systems Engineering. CT, in its purest sense, is less likely to be hands on whereas WE can be, varying by streams.

Remember one is largely an operator (intelligence facing) and another engineering (broad but includes weapons/sensors, to enabling CIS and Cyber in differing streams), so there is different bias. The CT and EW branches are also under review and in the medium to longer term I would imagine there will be some degree of convergence, particularly when new integrated digital equipments are rolled out.

Both routes have good opportunities for 2nd careers.
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The Warfare Branch are opening a stream 'Intelligence'. However, it is currently internally recruiting at the moment with an IOC (Initial Operating Capability) of 2020 (for in service candidates). That said, the RN Website has got this https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/career...surface-fleet/warfare-specialist-intelligence
With the expectation of the first Direct Entry recruits joining HMS RALEIGH in Apr 20 at a rate of approx 12 a year. so you can imagine that places will be tight and interest in the 'James bond' side of the Naval Service will be high.

I have just had my new bunch of CT's and they are generally older and with a lot of life experience. This isn't a bar to entry, just the trend. I have worked with CT's in Northwood HQ in a room with no windows and they are an exceptionally talented (if not turbo odd) bunch. They specialise in all manner of analysis from languages, SIGINT, ELINT etc. Bearing in mind that is in an HQ, they are also deployed (we had a team with us on my nine month global trip on a T45).

The closest I have worked with a WE (even though I was an Operator Mechanic) is kicking them in the mess square when scran is on as they have drifted off during Dickinson's Real Deals..

There are opportunities to get hands on with any branch of the RN via HUMINT and all the things that brings, but the classification of those 'crunchy' jobs are above the Rum Ration.

In sum, the Intelligence Branch is very much in the embryonic stage and there is no real plan, nor training pipeline as I can see yet. So the chances of anyone 'knowing' how this will work out or how they will fit in within the RN is anyone's guess.

The CT branch on the other hand, is very well established and there are better placed people on here to respond with regards to their training.

So it all depends on your preference and the advice you have been given from your AFCO as they will be the best placed people to advise you.

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