we need a bigger donkey!?!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. I'd make the filthy bastards carry the effing lot themselves!
  2. Feck all funny about the way those twats work there donkeys to death!!
  3. If that made you giggle BH, you have a particularly weird sense of humour.
    All I could think about was if they unloaded too fast and the poor old moke broke it's legs on the way down.


  4. feel a wee bit bad now---- hadn't actually thought about it like that.
    Now you put it like that it isn't funny- when i saw the donkey in the air it struck me as funny- but I didn't watch it all the through- and didn't think about serious consequences.
  5. Those thoughtless bastewards make me so very angry..........
  6. Animal cruelty is a particular hatred of mine, I have supported the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth for some years. I would remind you that not all cruelty to animals is done by thoughtless people in foreign countries.


    I pay £3 a month and I think if you check with the Charities Commission something like 98p in any pound donated is spent on the donkeys. Other charities use a lot more in administration.

    It is possible to visit the santuary for free and if I cannot get to visit, and if it is particularly dull in Lil's I watch the DonkeyCam


    A very worthwhile charity.
  7. Most matelots of the 60s era have already donated to Donkey charitiy at a place near Gib, name of La Linea

  8. http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0208/p20s01-wome.html

    The big question, however, in a region where children are frequently caught in crossfire and the ill are refused permits to reach medical treatment: Why donkeys? Why these beasts with a reputation for stupidity and stubbornness?

    "First, I believe that when you set an example of compassion for animals, you also breed compassion for humans," Fensom explains. "Second, by helping working donkeys at clinics, you're also helping their owners. These people's livelihoods depend on their donkeys, so it's in everyone's interests to keep them fit, healthy, and working. And the political situation isn't the animals' fault - so why should they suffer?

    "Donkeys," she adds, "are humble creatures that spend their whole lives serving man. There should be someone looking out for them."

  9. http://www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/site/1/Bullfighting_Campaign.html

    So this is how they rear the Matadors of tomorrow
  10. Two points;

    1. BZ to all the animal lovers, and those who care about how animals are treated. Thank you for identifying the legitimate charities where we can contribute.

    2. This is Lils, The Rough Bit. Sorry, but I laughed. I'm not into animal cruelty, but that was humourous. If it was a baby matelot trussed up, we would all laugh. It wasn't. I laughed at the spirit that the post was made, it wasn't made to highlight animal cruelty or to condone it.

    Sometimes we can all take ourselves a little too serious.
  11. Hmm, the spirit in which it was made was animal cruelty as far as I can see.
  12. I don't think it was deliberate, bloody stupid yes (I'm talking about the incident, not the posting). These guys need the beast to work, they're not about to damage it, are they?
  13. No but "these guys" have a long history of maltreatment. they just don't really give a toss about the donkey, which is why they overloaded the trailer in the first place.
  14. Donkey tossing is cruelty.

    But we're not talking about the act, or the stupidity, we're talking about the fact that a video was posted.

    There is no cruelty in laughing? We're not condoning how the beast was treated.

    My point was, that we can still laugh at what we find funny, even at the expense of another. Maybe not on a par, but what about Scottish/English/Irish gags? They must be in a similar category? We are after all laughing at the expense of a stereotype.

    Accidental slapstick? Chubby bloke, banana skin? Chubby cruelty or humour?
  15. Look TA, I'm not going to have a falling out or an argument about this mate, its a difference of opinion thats all :)
    You found it funny, I found it annoying, no problem :)
  16. O.K., I'll agree to that.

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