We may have the horse scandal all wrong!!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Waspie, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. You just wait, they'll be claiming it's not real horse meat, it's donkey or something.
  2. So long as it's not squid stuffed with feta cheese.
  3. One worrying aspect of the latest report of horsemeat in frozen lasagnas being sold in the U.K. is the news that the meat is being tested for the veterinary drug bute, which is a known human health risk.
  4. Well, I think it is all OK. They say you are what you eat.

    So if it means I can run like the wind and am rigged like a stallion............
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  5. The U.K. itself slaughters around 8,000 horses a year to be exported to other countries for food. These horses are tested before they go, but McGrath reports that UK's Veterinary Residues Committee warned just last year that these tests were not thorough enough, and small but noticeable amounts of bute seemed to be getting through. :sleepy5:
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There's also a fair trade in live horses going abroad for slaughter.
  7. Caption contest called for.

  8. It may be that years ago horse may have been prevalent in our food.

    But years ago technology wasn't as it is today. tests were not as stringent, analysts not as aware of what was going on in the meat trade. More people maybe turned a blind eye to what was going on.

    Advance the clock to today when tests can detect parts per million, (or better), analysts ARE aware of what to look for and there is a generation of veggie eating do gooders who all know better and the outrage bus gets filled within seconds.

    Next time todays jolly jack is on the piss abroad, thing long and hard about what your eating. (Has that chicken got four legs? Someone must remember the Vill in Singa's).

    We have probably all eaten worse!

    And what will be the outcome of all this meat investigation?

    Traders will have to inform the buying public.

    "Warning" This product may contain X % of horse/donkey meat!!!! Nothing changes when there is a buck to be made.
  9. I hope quorn turns out to be horse meat that'll teach them bloody vegetarians.
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  10. How many of the ones that good old Lester rode do you think you may have eaten Scouse:sad9:
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  11. mine were more likely to have been MILKSHAKED...a solution of sodium bicarbonate administered to racehorses by stomach tube 4 to 6 hours before racing to produce a metabolic acidosis. Promoted as a means of producing relief from tying-up and delaying the onset of fatigue by producing additional buffering to counteract the accumulation of lactic acid, induced by anaerobic muscular activity. Some commercial preparations include a mixture of vitamins and minerals. Legislated against by limiting the blood level of CO2.=|
  12. Good post scouse, pity I don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about but I'll use it in an argument any day :)
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  13. Well I just went to the supermarket and I can tell you the price I paid for a couple of horse steaks you lot should be bloody happy you are getting it for the SAME price as the beef as it would have cost me instead of the horse!! NEIGH Lads/Lasses don't see the problem myself it al goes in the one way and out the other!!

    OK I am in Froggieland I suppose???
  14. Just getting bummed by ED, will call you back.
  15. All horses in the UK have "passports" which state if the said animal is going to be for human consumption at its demise ... and if thats a yes then the vets can't give them certain drugs e.g. "Bute" ... and the passport has to accompany the nag to the nackers yard. The only way a horse could get a passport is to that it has to be seen by a vet so technically a horse couldn't get two passports .... however as the pasports are "controlled" by various horse societies none of which talk to each other its entirely possible that a horse could have two passports ... and the "vet" section isn't checked against a register of vets so its pretty well un policeable!

    Having said that Phenylbutazone was a wide spread non steroidal anti imflamatory drug which was used wide spread in the service years ago and while it is banned from use in the UK / US in humans I suspect some of the old and bold amongst us have been treated with it in the past.
  16. Bute is commonly used in the USA on racehorses and is not illegal, although it is illegal to use it on UK racehorses, it has been administrated, by unscrupulous ,vets ,trainers and staff, before and probably still is,for those Willing to take the risk!!!! There is no known drug which will make a horse RUN FASTER, just drugs to make them run up to to there very best of there ability.Although horses are drug tested at all racetracks, it is only done at random. As I said previous it is still being detected in horse meat, for human consumption,that has gone through the correct slaughter procedure!!!!!!! Ps bute is legal to administrate to horses in the UK..but not as in racehorses...Phenylbutazone, or ‘bute’ was banned for human consumption because it can slow white blood cell production and cause aplastic anaemia.
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  17. Totally agree with you Scouse ... too many holes in the present system (which is un-policable) and too many unscrupulous horse traders / vets which allows horse meat getting into the food chain that shouldn't due to previous use of Bute.
  18. "Who! Romanian What! Oh I see". "Ed its for you"
  19. ...................
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