We don't spend enough on defence research

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by phil1972, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. What would be even more interesting would be to see the change over the last 10 years.
  2. I suspect what would be even more interesting would be to find out how much of the research actually informs policy credibly and how much is regurgitation of existing US research......
  3. I suspect what would be even more interesting....ZZzzzzzzzzz
    Oh, sorry, must have nodded off for a second :wink:
  4. I would suggest, at least from my own experience there are areas where we are in advance of our transatlantic cousins. Also from my own experience I would sufgest that often our own research offers better value for money than the US research does.
  5. Ling

    Sounds like a typical research study!


    Would agree (again from personal experience) but in very specific areas...
  6. Probably not a meaningful comparison given the divestment of QinetiQ and their increasing commercial activity. Not that they are a particularly commercial organisation, appalling sales and marketing strategy and they still haven't caught up with the pay issues in the outside world.

    But the general point is fair, there has been a general reduction in pure basic research funding in preference for more applied research, useful in its own right but the real innovations come from basic research. A bit of a short term approach IMO.

    Mind you, dstl is turning into a bit of a rest home for retired Lt Cdrs and Cdrs........
  7. If we don't grasp this soon and get the follow-on marketing right, the Indians and the Choges sure as hell will! That will just leave us with Finance, Shipping/Aviation, Tourism and selling off bits of our green and pleasant land to rich foreigners to make a living from. Remember the '60s and export or die?

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