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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by HarryBosch, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. Re: Newbie

    My number is 07809 20 .... :biggrin:

  2. Re: Newbie

    Haha you must be joking :p
  3. Re: Newbie

    Dirty old men harassing the forum jailbait. Very perverse.

    I don't think anyone should feel bad about not going in as an officer. I have the grades and UCAS points to enter as an officer, but I chose to enter as a rating. I did this because I know I would make a better rating than an officer.

    Realistically the chances of getting a commission are small. You just have to read this forum to see the large number of highly intelligent and motivated individuals who are not getting places, or are being stringed along for many months in limbo. You have to be the best of the best to make it, and there is NOTHING wrong with admitting you are not a 1 in a 100 type of person. The Navy needs ratings as much as officers, and I personally believe they would rather have an excellent rating, than another failed officer candidate.

    Just my 2p.
  4. Re: Newbie

    If I was a dirty old man how would it be perverse? Twat.
  5. Re: Newbie

    It would be perverse because you would be a dirty old man, and she would be a 16 year old girl. TWAT!
  6. Re: Newbie

    Hello, It's 'I could be an officer but I don't want to because I'm not good enough'. From your answer I take it you got a Third or a lower second! Don't give me a hard time, get some fukcing time in. Fukcing sprog.
  7. Re: Newbie

    It's called a joke you grumpy old bastard, not a hard time.

    I said I had the grades to apply for officer, not that I could be one or even that I wanted to be one. Because I don't.

    And I have no degree, just my humble highers.

    Jeez some people here need to remove themselves from their own arses.
  8. Re: Newbie

    Grumpy? This is me happy :biggrin:
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: Newbie

    Fcuksake, another jumped up opinionated frisps who needs to heed his own advice, inparticular his last sentance. :roll:
  10. Re: Newbie

    But that is what dirty old men do so it is not perverse. Have to agree with the man with the Phd (Didn't know that did you?) you're a twat.
  11. Re: Newbie

    Dont know about this and im not saying who but some people on here do need to remove themselves from their own arses. If theres going to be any comments im up for it. Its only a site it not my life. Also being in the navy will be my life so i dont care what people chat about me on here because when they know me as i am then thats when the comments can come. My personal opinion is them people are Twats, judgeing other people when not everyone is perfect and before you judge other people judge yourself 1st.
  12. Re: Newbie

    Deleted by me. :thumright:
  13. Re: Newbie

    You are a sh*t aint you. wow you been in the marines. respect fot that but does that mean everyone has to be gobed about no it dont. My uncles in the marines he would not gob of to other people. he knows they will all have a chance in what they want to do in life. When they have not reached that goal then gob off. Just because you have been a marine dont make you top, Again i have alot of respect for our forces but your not top dog. If you think you are perfect your a TWAT. I will get my uncle to sign up to this site and he can gob of yeah? he has the experiance he is still in the marines. Ill will make him put you wrong on alot of stuff. You was in the marines is different. it has changed alot and you need to think about that. One thing i know is my uncle would not gob of just because he has experiance.
  14. Re: Newbie

    Deleted by me :thumright:
  15. Re: Newbie

    Wow how old are you? How old am i? You really are a nob i aint gonna say anymore because i will get no where because you dont SHUTUP. I think theres a few people on here who think the same as me who ive talked to on PM. You have to grow up because your a twat look at my age and look at you. wow i may be one 2 which some users are saying but you are one aswell
  16. Re: Newbie

    sorry mate it now 30p to use the phone lol


    Make your mind up for FS, one minute you are saying that your uncle will not gob off at anyone, the next you are saying you will get him to sign up to gob off at NZB seems you can't make your mind up about anything

  17. Re: Newbie

    Some of the members here have to get off their high horse. Maybe it's in their nature to be rude fukcing pricks, but perhaps they could keep it out the NEWBIE section were their shitty comments are not appreciated by anyone.

    And a rude shit with a Phd is still a rude shit in my books. All I did was make a joke about the fact a bunch of you old/middle aged members were making lewd comments to some girl who could have been 15 months ago. Which is in my opinion quite perverse. Get over it and quite crying about it on some forum.

    And Chico, please stop digging yourself deeper.
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: Newbie

    Don87, let me guess the 87 refers to your year of birth so your a spotty 19-20 year old?

    Here's the deal, people stop posting bone questions and we'll stop taking the p1ss.
  19. Re: Newbie

    If people post idiotic questions just ignore them or just post the link to the RN website. If no one will answer there question then they will have to go and look for the answer them selves.

    If you do have an urge to insult them can you please do so by PM so I don't have to wade through the stuff to find the interesting and helpfull comments that are one RR.

    Happy New Year
  20. Re: Newbie

    But Blobbs, just think of all the fun that would be missed if no bone Q's were posted.

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