We did it better in the old days didn't we????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Joined the Charybdis in Rosyth October 73 age 16, sailed the next day to a FOF1 inspection, todays equivelant to OST. My off watch action station was the deep seacat mag so when the alarm goes off I trundle aft to the magazine the hatch was so heavy I needed help from the Aft DC party to lift the fecker, down I go and the hatch is clipped down above me. Didn't know where the light switch was so sat in complete darkness for 6 hours no Comms and all alone first time at sea. Another AB should have been down with me but he knew the score and got sorted as a casualty.
    Fcuking freezing I quickly had a good idea and used the light on my life jacket for a little while until the battery ran out, surrounded by live missiles in complete darkness I was nearly fcuking mental when the hatch opened.
    In the 3 years I served on her we never once practiced getting the missiles from the deep mag to the Ready Use magazine on the port waist. then up to the launcher deck to be manually loaded onto the launcher.
    I got sortedquickly and became 3 left in the turret at least I had some muckers around me even if I was seasick to fcuk. Great laugh when we did a night shoot when some fecker forgot to remove the tampions and the barrel split - oh how professional we were
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  2. I joined the Galatea in Oct 74 aged 16 as a baby sonar.

    We're an anti-submarine frigate...we've got Ikara, Mortars and a Wasp all designed to deliver weapons onto the submarine.

    After my first AS exercise where for 2 weeks we sat round not being able to detect a feckin submarine, I realised what a complete waste of feckin space the mighty ship was......Made a note in my diary...Must transfer to diver !!!
  3. Did an ASW exercise up in the fiords on York escorting Fearless, not one detection but lots of visual sightings of green grenades.
  4. Is that the smokey things that the sundodgers use to inform you that you're sunk....or do you mean the little tins of achoholic beverage?
  5. Sundodger specials, one of them little kraut sludgemarines real bastards to track apparently, my opposite number fcuked up big style by splashing a 747 instead of an FBA thank fcuk it was a simulation, a really difficult shot given that an FBA normally comes at you at 100ft or less - the 747 was at 20,000!!!!
  6. First ship , Scylla. My action stations was Seacat console operator. Comfortable! I always felt sorry for the dabbers who had to crowd themselves into that small space outside the cage when I had so much room to myself. Well ,I say sorry.........
    As an aside, I ended up on Seacat section, but I never set foot in, or even saw the magazine. My Chief broke his neck in the States, and as seacat was getting ripped off on our return, as long as the director and launcher was grey and shiny, none of the hierarchy gave a fuck. The section was me in charge of a WE Booty. Yeay!
  7. Joined Courageous in '74. Went off to sea to learn how to be a submariner and had to get my head down next to this.......[​IMG]
    ..........because that's were untrained nozzer sundodgers had to kip (i.e. amongst all the big explosive things).
    Oh the fun we had. Duvets? Cabins? Fluffy pillows? My arse!!!
  8. As a Skimmer i was drafted to Torpedo Trials unit (Clyde) at the start of trials with what became spearfish. I've never slept next to one, but I have towed one behind my tractor. We used to put a bin bag on the arse end to stop the tourists at the train station having a look as we used their pier, and to prevent the russian trawler parked off shore having a skeg
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  9. If memory serves the Mk 8 was covered in grease which seemed to attract your sleeping bag and you got stuck to it.

    My first sea draft, we only had bofor's. I joined in Guzz and when we sailed we were doing a bofors shoot , first round fired, the barrel flew over the side because the OA hadn't locked it in.
  10. On my first ship I had a knotted piece of rope that was lit at one end.....then some three badged fk'all yelled at me..... to which I would ignite the blunt end of a cannon... there was a big bang.... and someone shouted.........'another load of frogs destined for Davy Jones locker'.... We had this Admiral on board who had one eye and one arm, I heard we off loaded him at Gib, so full of brandy we had to roll him off in a barrel. I thought to myself.....'He should be made to stand on a pedestal for all to see'....but nobody listens to a powder monkey like me............. :pirat:
  11. On my first ship my job was to clean up after all the animals. I couldn't go on deck for fresh air as it pissed down for over a month.
    Eventually we grounded on some mountain and no pubs to have a wet!
    and my pet pigeon flew off and never came back.
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  12. It's stuck down someone's chimney on a thread not far from here.

  13. [​IMG]

    Not as greasy these days
  14. Whats this thread a fuckin submariners love from the deeps mutual appreciation society fest.

    All that's missing is the music.

    Here ya go.
    Carly Simon - YouTube
  15. First ship ... Devonshire! Can't remember a lot about it other than trolling around the Med / Black Sea ... Oh and Hamburg! The only other memorable event was on our way out to the Far Flung off Lisbon the stokey boys blew the port boiler through the stack and that was it ... went home and she never left the dockside again!
  16. We’re ambling along through the blue when the OOW spots a skimmer heading our way, I don’t know why but he wanted to do the bosun’s pipe bit, I didn’t have one so he says in huff well just kin stick your thumb in your kin mouth and pretend then, the skimmer then starts with the aldis so the flag wagger is whistled up top, the skimmer is flashing and our boy is reading it out a word at a time, when its over the OOW watch says right, read it back to me, the RO says I wasn’t writing it down, I don’t know what he kin said, the OOW turns to me and gives me the, WELL, look, don’t ask me I say, I was trying to get this kin pipe to work..
  17. Yes she did, when them nasty fuckin sludgers blew the shit out of her the bastards.
  18. Don't forget the Sea Sua sent into her by a parafin budgie from Illustrious. Soo glad that I wasn't the on watch Golly when that happened as otherwise MG and Rummers would get so upset with me. I was off watch . honest .... and in the errr ... ummmmm Naffii queue in 5G Port or somewhere .... but no-where near the UAA1.

  19. Splendid !

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