We cant now call them Gangs

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ukdaytona, May 23, 2007.

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  1. The Youth Justice Board of England and Wales has now decided that groups of Youths should not be called Gangs as it glamorises Gang activity...


    I have a few alternatives :

    Oxygen Theives
    Moving Targets
    Voluteers (for anything we can find)
    Time wasters

    Anymore suggestions ?

  2. Arsewipes
  3. Arseholes

    Should have to spend four to five weeks doing some basic training, with an old style PTI, that would sort them out or kill them, which ever doesnt really matter, but then again you cant teach those sort of people, because they werent blessed with a brain.
    I had a lad, two- three months ago, because I walked past him in Tescos, I was shaking my head at something that I intended to purchase( cant remember what), he started on me, fecking and blinding at me, said I meant it for him, anyway didnt last very long !

    Edited due to spelling mistake
  4. Surely the Youth Justice Board of England and Wales need to work on more important things, rather than what to call them! How much did this great piece of work cost us taxpayers.
  5. Does this also apply to the 'gang' in government ? :wink:
  6. Whitemouse, no as we already know they are just out right anchors.
  7. Well I do hope that we are allowed to keep our own Gang of Four on RR
  8. And did he find out what a Glasgow Kiss was RB?
  9. No, just a friendly word in his ear, he understood it very well :D
    Schools should of kept punishment like the slipper, cane etc, I also remember getting a clip round the ear as a boy from a police officer, its wrong nowadays that we have to be PC, a bit of discapline does not do any harm, it teachs respect and that rules are rules.
  10. We cant tell them off or touch them as it against NuLabours laws and the EU Human Rights and Liberty etc...etc...etc...

    But they can verbally abuse you in the street, thump you, threaten you and when the police get involved they know they are wasting their time because the courts do not want to do anything about it.

    ASBO - Waste of time
    1 Month spent being yelled at by an Ex RSM / PTI - Priceless
    6 Months hard labour - Never gonna happen coz it will make little freedy sweat and then wont be able to grip the pen when signs the giro

    Can see the headlines
    Current : 'Pensioner mugged by gang of youths'
    PC Tree hugging version ' Pensioner donates cash to kind group of teenagers'

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