we are feeling robbed

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by The_Wonderer, May 13, 2007.

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  1. (yes Scouser's can be robbed too :lol: )

    The first time I ever did the National Lottery, I picked my 6 numbers, and have not been able to forget them. As a result, my missus has put them on every week since.
    Anyway, I got 4 numbers on Saturday and won £39 8O :x

    Ah well; if I'd of got five numbers, I'd of only won £914, and thinking about it, I'd probably of been even more disapointed.
  2. Any "maths wizzes" no what the odds of getting 4 numbers actually are?
  3. No you cannot get robbed in Scouse Land its called re-distribution of the booty.

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot :wink: 8)
  5. I think most people would like the whole lottery system of distribution re-thinked.
    I for one would prefer it if the jackpot was limited to, say, 2 million quid, and the other winnings raised in accordance.
    Apart from the tenner for three numbers, I think thats ok :)
  6. You have a lot more chance of winning something via Premium Bonds.... And you get to keep the money you invested! I've only won £1K once though.... when I had just £400 in PBs! :) :) :)
  7. Yeah but if you bought £10 of premium bonds in 1955, you'd only get £10 back today!!
  8. But if you spent £10.00 last week on the lottery and didn't get at least 3 numbers you'd get sweet FA back
    Lottery does seem a bit mean with its payouts for 4 numbers though.
    However just think of the number of good causes :( that you are supporting when you buy a ticket. :roll:

    Edited just for you Scouse:

    If you want to find out the odds look at :


    Hope you do better next time, though you may have more luck at Aintree
  9. My mum and dad bought me a £1 premium bond when I was born in 1955, I still have it, I have not won anything with it and I would be too embarassed to take it to the Post Office to cash it.

    So who is the winner there?

    If they had put it in a savings acount with the proviso it should not be touched till I was 50 it would have been worth ooh about £2.80ish at 2% interest, (this is only assuming basic interest and using my basic maths and working to my usual tolerances, The nearest dockyard :oops: )

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