Way to go with that US Hearts and Minds campaign....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by silverfox, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  2. Shades of the Nazis in 1933, why is it that the Yanks always let themselves down with these stupid acts of arrogance and ignorance?
  3. From my reading of the incident it owes more to ignorance than arrogance on this occasion. I am inclined to believe it really was simply a mistake and nothing more.
  4. Regardless, it's intergalactic stupidity that shouldn't happen.
  5. How many more clusterfucks are the yanks going to be responsible for before, we get our guys and gals out of that god forsaken place?
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh ignorance for sure - but thats the point, they just lack common dog. Its not as if they knew the possible ramifications following that furore surrounding that mad priest in the US last year.
  7. MLP and Silverfox - I agree entirely - should never have happened and is a classic example of how a moment's stupidity can spoil your whole afternoon. My comment was not aimed at excusing the act but was more a matter of slowing down the "Yank Arrogance" outrage bus that I could see emanating from Fink's post.

    On this occasion it wasn't arrogance, just ignorance and stupidity on a collossal scale.

  8. Your opinion broadside, mine remains the same that the Yanks are arrogant buggers and while this bonfire was going on where were the SNCO's and officers or was it their zippo?

    Latest news regarding the incident,
    President Barack Obama sent Afghan President Hamid Karzai a letter of apology over the burning of copies of the Quran at a US military base, Karzai’s office said Thursday. Obama said the incident was not intentional and pledged a full investigation, a statement from the president’s office said.

    Fekin tosh, oh I'll just set fire to these religious books but I didn't mean to do it!
  9. Finks, although Yanks may not be the best educated can you read Arabic? If I was in their position and told to destroy a load of documents, books etc in a language I couldn't read I would have no idea exactly what those documents, books etc were, especially if the language didn't even have any cryllic lettering.I've seen enough documents, BR's etc accidently disposed of when written in my own language to see that this is just a monumental cock up. How many ship's investigations do you remember because of this unless your an MP of course.
  10. Just wondered how many Bibles and Churches the Muslim hardliners have burnt?masses I expect two faced seems to be the message here.
    Burning was wrong but lets not forget their real aim to stamp out the Christian message and worship in their lands.
    I'm an atheist BTW! it's all shite.
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  11. Apparently these copies of the Qur'an were confiscated from prisoners as their jailers believed they were being used as a means of communication, so they knew damm what they were. Muslims consider the Qur'an to be the literal word of God and treat the book with great reverence, the price of this act of idiots has been 2 American servicemen shot dead and four wounded when an Afghan soldier opened fire on them.
  12. As you say Finks "apparently" and if they're using the Qur'an to communicate with each other I don't see how they are treating it with reverence as the literal word of God, more as a tool.I'm not trying to find excuses for the septics, just offering an opinion as to why they were accidently burnt. Even the thickest redneck septic must know that playing around with that book is going to end in pain (as it has)
  13. I would think that if they were using their holy book as a means of communication they would purely see it as a gift from Allah and it would therefore not be an act of disrespect.
  14. I thought and correct me if I am wrong is that they have taken up arms because they want all foreign forces out of their country, I am of course talking about the Taliban, not al-Qaeda.
  15. Churches in Nigeria and other Mid.East countries have been torched and worshippers killed,it's not the Taliban but it may be Al-Qaeda.
    It's still double standards on religion.
  16. Religion has caused more agro in the history of the world than anything else ... Its a load of bunkum and should be banned ... along with all the fat toadies who make a killing on the back of it!

    Religion is just a tool used to control the masses and even Governments ... "The Church" is behind eveything and all they are up to is aquiring wealth and power and they have no compunctions abut who or what they climb over in order to get it!

    As far as I am concerned ... for "Taliban" read "Vatican" ... its all the same ... someone using Religion (be it Islam or Catholicism) as an excuse to control the masses and beating the fcuk out of anyone who disagrees with you. And before anyone says anything about the Taliban's human rights record (which I agree is bad) try also looking at the antics of the Jesuit's as they attempted to convert the world to Catholicism or the poor little bastards who happend to be brought up by Cathloic priests etc ....

    The answer is get rid of religion! Or No.42!

  17. Being a devout atheist I could not agree more, I dream about the UK becoming a secular society.
  18. It's the poor Fecking monks and nuns who spend their life in worship looking forward to Heaven, and when they die there's nowt! What a bummer!
    I don't give a shit for any religion but I get angry when they peddle a better life after death causing any poor sod with a pile of trouble to top themselves hoping to go to a Heaven of milk and honey.
    If I'm wrong I'll take my chances with the wide boys and Poker tables down below,there's bound to be a decent shag there somewhere!
  19. Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich attacked the President for apologising over the book burning saying it was "astonishing" and undeserved. That's all the world needs another right wing nut-job in the White House.

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