Water bills increase

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. I can well imagine that a single person living in a small property could have a small water bill if they have a meter.Get a bigger house with three or more occupants and the bill soon rockets.
    We are always given the excuse for the above inflation rise is to allow investment into the infrastructure.I have no idea what they've been doing with the extra cash that has been generated over the years but it was only last year before the deluge that the water system was in near crisis because of an alleged drought.The reason for this we were told was lack of investment in the infrastructure.i.e. there's plenty of water but it's not in the right place.Will the new extra cash go towards improving the system or more likely boost senior managements bonus pots and shareholder's profits?
  2. South West water bills are going down slightly, but we still have a higher rate than the rest of the country..bleedin' emmetts be the cause 'o' that, wantin' them there beaches clean enough to eat yore oggy off'n.
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  3. Aye and when you get your bill the cheeky greedy bastards ask you to donate to charity.
  4. I'm sure I read somewhere that utility companies in some part of Europe cannot increase prices by more than inflation minus something, as our utility companies are mostly foreign owned it must be tempting to make big increases in our bills to make up for any loss on investments in other countries
  5. A family of four in Africa can get all their water for £2 a month....but fucked if WaterAid will suppy my house in Essex...the bastards!!!
  6. Think they got caught out when HMG made the water companies liable for water supply right up to the stop cock / water meter in your house and not just to the edge of your property. Also put paid to that nice little earner they had trying to flog insurance to people to cover the bit of piping from the edge of your property to the water meter / stop cock.
  7. True, last property unmetered was £240, this property with same footprint and metered £72.
  8. Month, 1/4 or year?
  9. Top of thread.
  10. In that case sodding hell, nothing to do with waste, it’s the area you live in. Mine was close to a grand and now £500 with a meter 2 of us no kids, hence why the SW is to get a small decrease, but still nowhere as cheap as some areas.
  11. Aye, with my latest bill from Yorkshire Water, possibly the biggest, the newsletter detailed the millions they are spending this year on leak fixing and massive upgrades to sewage systems.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    One of the side benefits of Northerners habits of keeping the coal in the bath = less water usage = cheaper bills
  13. Well we always washed it first anyway, less soot, longer periods between having chimmerly swept.
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  14. Almost a reason to live in Yorkshire, almost but not that good a reason, would have to listen to all those funny speaking people.:happy6:
  15. The sheep speak well of you after your last visit.

    Apologies for thread drift.

  16. Back on thread it brought cheap water to their eyes:love:
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  17. Regards water meters,most water companies have a useage checklist.If it thinks you can save by being on a meter then do so.Bonus is you have a year being metered supply---- if your metered use is higher than the old rateable value amount, then you can revert to rateable as long as it is in the first year.
  18. I addition to that, there are circumstances when water meters cannot be fitted, if that is the case in the SWW area they will drop your rateable amount by 50%, but there are very few cases when this occurs.
    Other issue on fitting a water meter, it has been found that fitting a meter to a stop cock in the street was actually supplying 3 house which all had an internal stop cock so had never used the external one?
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You can also claim a rebate if your gutters are draining into soakaways and not the main drains.

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