Discussion in 'The Corps' started by adamlee_24, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Joining RM soon.
    Wanting to buy a good watch for the job. Any recommendations??

  2. This'll be good. :afro:

    Standing by for Royal wrist clock advice incoming! :thumright:
  3. Yes you will need one of these.

  4. Here you go mate, nice chunky watch and not a rip off at all!

  5. You can find several duty watches in Portsmouth Naval Base but get one that's duty free if you can. A Rolex Submariner that shows in a dim light, particularly one with large hands, would be good (there's a few on this forum) but any Rolex Oyster Perpetual should do. Just make sure it's got a dark non-reflecting face or a dial cover.

    Personally, I'd buy a hundred Casios for the same price then it won't matter if you lose or break the odd one.
  6. Word. And set them all 5 minutes fast! :thumright:
  7. great advice. thanks for that.
    i quite like the mickey mouse one though !
  8. As a GTLS would he have to register it with the Radiation Safety Supervisor?

  9. With the 'NITE' watches, I would approach the company direct (as I did). Soldier mag were selling the MX20 for £200, I contacted Nite and got it with full postage for £174.

    Superb watch by the way, would highly recommend.
  10. It all depends upon whether you're joining as an ossifer or a normal person ;)

    If you're joining as a normal person I'd stick to the micky mouse watch.

    If you're joining as an ossifer, the how about a couple of there: one as a dress watch the other for everyday wear.

    Everyday watch:
    Girard-Perregaux Opera Three Westminister Platinum
    available here:

    Dress watch:
    Maurice Lacroix Double Rétrograde [rose gold]
    available here:

  11. For those prices I would expect an inbuilt compass, a Tracker and a remote detonating device if the Tracker gives up :biggrin:
  12. How far along in the recruitment process are you?
    Passed all tests and PRMC or just got the brochure and/or had a look on the website?
    I'd wait until you've passed out before you buy a real Gucci bit of kit, a bog standard G Shock or similar would see you through training and give you a chance to get something better later on.
  13. Nice though the Opera Three is, I'd rather spend the money on a house! :lol:
  14. Don't bother buying one. When you join CTC, they remove your brain. When you get your green lid, your CO will ask you if you want your brain back or a chunky watch. Anyone who asks for their brain loses the green lid and is escorted off the premises.

    The answer is "Chunky Watch".

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