Watch your back, Chef....


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Possibly a bit of a media feeding frenzy with this story. Whether or not the chef concerned deliberately fed non-vegan food to a supposed vegan, a response involving death threats seems a little OTT from people supposedly respecting life. The chef's explanation was that she was simply commenting on the fact that the "vegan" had ordered and consumed a non-vegan meal.

And it's not, after all, as if she was claiming to be a pilot.


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How petty and trite of the chef. However, if as some reports suggest, the vegan was being a complete pain in the bottom, then well done cooky boy! (or girl!)

Wot? None of you ever dicked a mug?


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Chef? In a friggin' cafe? She's a cook at best. And if the vegan tosser ordered pizza then she's not vegan, unless the cheese came from the moon! :cool:


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Chef? In a friggin' cafe? She's a cook at best. And if the vegan tosser ordered pizza then she's not vegan, unless the cheese came from the moon! :cool:
That was her point. (The Chef)
It's not about where she works, it's about how qualified she is.
Also, they have more than one restaurant, so quite possibly a Chef.


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Hope Lye, founder of Telford Vegan Action "added: “I am an anti-speciesist"

Ant-speciesist???? Is another new word Trump has made up or a Sumo spelling special?

If she means she's Ant-species that must mean she's anti every living thing on the planet or maybe Hope Lyes ;)


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This was the late 80's and they deffo had a PO behind the counter, I know as the t*at tried to run me... That's another dit (I still remember his name too, the grudge is still held!!!)
I am fairly sure on the Puma the bun run chefs were Chinese and on the Plymouth all Maltese including the stewards ???
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