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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by R077, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Being the peg up (or down, depending) from the Gash Barge I'm posting here for consideration my preliminary choice for a watch. I'm thinking along the lines of a Citizen Skyhawk AT, one of those atom powered, put the kettle on, wonder watch thingys.

    I'm the typical bast who already has a watch, a casio digital solar powered blah blah I got for around £40 but being susceptible to the lure of shiny things and the typical gadget loving type I quite fancy getting a more clever analogue thing i.e. the Citizen.

    Insights and preferences would be the bee's knees.

  2. I've never been into expensive & 'trendy' watches, as mine usually got buggered up onboard. I'm still using my issued (but 'written off') G10.
  3. Seiko Kinetic.
    Well made accurate timepieces. Cost from about £150 no battery change needed, perhaps a new capacitor every seven years or so.
  4. Rolex Submariner "MilSub"..

    Just waiting for the lottery or the mother-in-law to drop..
  5. Sickbay Rangers & Doris's use Nipple Knockers :D :D
  6. When/If I get through Dartmouth i'm going to invest in a Breitling, I wasn't going to, but I saw their stand at RIAT and now i'm trapped.
  7. Superb Watches, but invest in a copy as well. The copy you can wear on runs ashore so when you lose it (notice I didn't say if?) it doesn't matter. Young occifers are always getting relieved of items on runs ashore, especially in foreign climes :p
  8. That, Slim, is some bloody good advice, I thank you sir!
  9. Try to get to Bangkok, copy watches are cheaper there :p
  10. Cheers me dears, I've had a look at the Suunto site first and wasn't too impressed tbh with the digi dials on the more traditional frames. The Seiko kinetics seem quite good and I'll have more of a look-in there though I'm not as enamored with their general appearance, I prefer the bezel dial to be the main shape (the bulge on the port side as well as the general 'morphing' of the face towards the straps if you follow).

    The Breitling watches are far too expensive imo and the cheaper variants look crap. I would never pay beyond £2/300 for a watch, even that's stretching it considering I'd probably still drop the bugger first chance I get. :roll:

    Anyone specifically had a Citizen before? I'm sure the build etc. is fine, I actually had the dearer titanium AT SHawk on to try in John Lewis and it was ridiculously deceiving how light it actually was, felt solid too, hence why I'm quite keen on the Citizen brand atm.

    EDIT: Added a piccy I found of the very model:

  11. A watch to wear or a watch to keep for special occasions?

    A watch to wear....Casio etc from Comet or the like....if you lose it or it gets 'nicked' you aren't too bothered.... Quartz

    A watch to keep....Automatic if possible(vintage) Rolex, Zenith, Omega, Le Coultre, Lemania, Audemars Piguet, IWC and others

    Keep autos away from Chippys and Pinkies, as they tend to be too idle to allow operation of the winding mechanism ;-)
  12. Egyptian PT ensures the watch runs well, providing you either wear it on the correct wrist or change hands :p
  13. I am into sieko myself .I have had them ever since my fist time in singers in 64 .I have two at the mo ones a kinetic (for everyday)the other a arcture perpetual kinectic for best,cant go wrong good time pieces well made.If i was rolling in it i may go for a top of range rolex :)
  14. I wouldn't buy a Rolex. Too many Chavs wearing fake ones. Tag Huer are vey nice.
  15. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm a sucker for watches - bought a Seiko when I was on IST many moons ago, since then I've added 3 different G-shocks, a SUNNTO advizor, an Omega Seamaster pro and a Panerai GMT (PAM 244), the latter being my favourite but I tend to wear a Dubai clone of it if I'm out boozing.

    If I won the lottery, <dream...>
  16. I have a POLJOT, a Russian watch my mum and dad bought me in 65 when I joined up.
    Its gold,29 jewels automatic shockproof, cost £65.00.
    Its been all over the world, subject to "Jack's" gentle touch, dropped onto cats from the upper scupper, it went overboard in Gib, recovered by the ships divers.
    In fact its had every conceivable nasty done to it that a poor watch could suffer, and its never stopped, failed, or had a rest. Highly recommended and still available to buy now. They made the instruments for the Russkie space ships........Apparently :thumbup:
  17. But if i had the brass and i baught a rolex i would know it was real one and bollocks to the chavs with there fake ones :D :D :D
  18. Only one to even think of and thats "Breitling", 8),ive got two cos ive loads of dosh, :lol: :D :lol: ,

    PS before you all slag me off well ferkin dont cos it was a joke that ive loads of dosh,bought them to use and as an investment, :wink:
  19. My 18th birthday watch was a Citizen now i've dug it out, although that was 4 years ago - massive thing but bloody brilliant in all fairness, you can't go much wrong with one IMHO RO77

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