Watch Leader roles

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by lonestar, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Just a few questions in preparation for AIB if you wouldn't mind gents:

    1) Am I correct in thinking the Watch Leader role is now called PWO(SM)?

    2) Is the course preceeding this job the Advanced Warfare Officer Course?

    3) Is it still split into 3 possible sub-roles (SO, TSO or TASO)?

    4) Is the role of an OOW on the bridge of a surface ship more like that of a Navigator or a Watch Leader on a submarine - basically I'm asking if when dived the Navigator drives the boat or if that role is for Watch Leaders and above only.

    My apologies for the newbie like questions, any help much appreciated.
  2. Watch Leader Rolls

    Most Watch Leaders are well happy with their Cheese and Tomato fillings, but a few will always insist upon Ham (with Mustard.)

    Oh dear me - I now see that you had asked about 'Roles'. So sorry, I had better get my coat.... :wink:
  3. Hope that helps. Good luck with your AIB.
  4. It does indeed, makes things clearer in my mind. Many thanks.
  5. Sorry shipmate, but I have spun you a slightly duff dit.

    Spoke to our TSO this morning and asked him the question about PWO(SM). It turns out that despite the fact that he's still addressed by everyone from the Captain down as the TSO, and his opposite number is still the TASO, his is in fact now a PWO(SM). (Since yesterday I think he said). There isn't actually a PWO(SM) course at the moment though, a watch leader still does Advanced Warfare Course prior to taking up his appointment. There will be at some time in the future though.
  6. Muchos Gracias for checking that... much appreciated once more!
  7. Watchleader/PWO(SM) on a dived boat is more akin to the combined job on a skimmer of OOW and PWO as in essence he fills both roles. Although on a boat the watchleader will also have a Junior Officer on the plot doing the Nav so he wont be running back and forth to do chartwork. unless of course its the Pusser on the plot!!! :twisted: Although i have met one Pusser who was better than all the Junior Warfare Officers on the plot!!!

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