wat is hms collingwood really like?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by yozza1987, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. ok i passed out of releigh on friday and i'm going to collinwood monday, i was just wondering what collinwood is like, e.g what are kit inspections like, do i still need to double around base? all help would be appreciated
  2. Well you'll find out in about 24 hours won't you.

    It's a bit more relaxed, + a mcdonalds & a bowling alley across the road.

    Well done on your passing out btw.
  3. I hated collingrad yozaa, but as I was there 27 years ago it has probably changed a wee bit.

    Congrats on passing out, and yer knut for making me feel old :rambo:
  4. If you spell it like that, probably yes!

    (Congratulations on passing out/in.)

  5. Why do you need any help? You`re in, now the fun starts, btw what does wat mean?[​IMG]
  6. btw = by the way.
  7. it's loads better since it was made captain of the one day side.
  8. start in Collingwood tomorrow - hun - pm me if u like?
  9. When I was at Collingwood it was terrible, WEMs everywhere, thousands of them, all of them with a UPO query......Jack Blair had a lot to answer for, let me tell you!!

    Couple of good guys, S+S of course, the odd officer was O.K., I think his name was Sumpter, very odd.

    Was there when a young WEM died on the parade ground, shame, felt sorry for the GI who was giving him the bollocking.

    Also remember lots of bikes. Ah, the Collingwood Bop.

    Memories of Mammaries, brilliant!!
  10. Don't know whether Collingwood still has its pig farm (1964), but the bacon they produced always tasted of fish!
  11. No pig farm anymore, but all pussers bacon tastes of fish.

  12. That's because pussers pigs are raised on fish farms. It conforms with Pusser Regulation 1992 para 4 sub cluase 6.5 -
    "All Naval Pigs shall be raised on a statutary diet of fish with salt water, this will enable all serving personnel to smell the briney prior to their forenoon watch."

    Makes perfect sense to me....
  13. I had forgotten about the pig farm (more reminders of old age creeping up on me) It was still there in 80, how could I forget the aroma???
  14. thank you all, and "wat" means "what" i was a bit tired when i started this topic, well i'm here and i feel like i'm in the calm before the storm.
  15. It was alright in 1954 but I suspect it may have changed a wee bit since then. Used to be a separate Artificer Apprentice section but they got rid of it as they couldn't handle about 600 apprentices who were there for up to nearly 3 years.
    I can remember all of our workshops classes being double marched to the factory as a minor punishment and being overtaken by the ordinary marching new entry mechanic classes.
  16. My boy went thru about this time last year as a ET(WE) and loved every minute of it.
  17. I just found out I'll go to HMS Collingwood if I pass out at Raleigh.

    Although you stay an extra 4 months at Raleigh after basic, THEN go to Collingwood.

    Well done anyway TC and good luck at Collingwood!
  18. Worked In pig farm 1975 ish. I was on buffers party and Leading hand threatened Piggery if anyone missbehaved. I messed about a bit and L/H put me into Piggery. I happened to know it was a blue card job so no watchkeeping. Also when us 3 Piggery workers went to eat all ways got to front of queue. Any Senior rates patrolling around checking rig of the day ECT would steer clear as well. Went back after becoming Submariner. We were the first to be issued with berets,polyester no 8,s (now no 4s) and of course white roll kneck pullover. Great fun winding up patrols. What's with the white shirt and no creases on trollies nowadays?.

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