wat branch?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by cmontheroyals, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. rite i no im asking alot of questions but i would b grateful of any help. i was wondering what is the best branch to try and get into in the corps? cheers for any replys.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you British? I just wondered as it appears that English isn't your first language.

    :rendeer: :dwarf: :rendeer: :threaten:
  3. Maybe something that doesn't involve the need to spell? Have you considered a career at McDonald's?
  4. Erm, what?
  5. ok lads fair enough that first post is a pile of shite. what i was wondering was what branchs are good to go into in the royal marines eg mountain leader sniper etc
  6. Good effort for coming straight back mate :)

    Thing is, whoever you speak to will tell you that his spec is the best.
    Best thing is to read up as much as poss, and see what grabs you, then look further into it.
  7. cheers for the advice mate :thumright: i was thinking along the lines of sniper from what ive seen it looks good but then you dont really no wats its like until your actually there doing it!
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think that you'll find you have to qualify as a RM first then serve a while before you can specialise, no doubt Harry, NZB or Ninja will be along shortly. Don't expect Blobby I'm thinking that He is still locked up in NZ
  9. aye i heard u have to serve a while but i also heard that sometimes you go straight into your branch from trainig but anyway cheers for the reply mate
  10. Spot on, you will usually go GD for a couple of years first, then see what's about. Don't worry about all thjat for now, you will need all you have to pass PRMC, and then CTC, so focus on that first! Good Luck.
  11. thanks alot mate for the reply and the advice cheers!
  12. Getting a Snipers course is very difficult, its one of the best courses in the Corps and the demand for places is high. You will need at least a complete tour under your belt first, then if you are lucky you may get selected.

    As for the ML branch you will have to be a Cpl first, this could take you up to 7 yrs.
  13. What they said, in BIG BLOCK LETTERS
  14. Looks like you'd make an excellent DECOY. You'd be taken along on a mission especially to deliberately leave you behind as the enemy advance. You natter to them and they'd be convinced you were speaking in CODE. Looks like cryptography might be just up your street! ;) :biggrin:

    Alternately you could join the Navy and enrol as a Splash Target Cox'n... but only if you think you're MAN enough to volunteer! :bball:
  15. i bet its ps3 games that make kids bumm-off snipers, you have to do exactly the same as a normal marine until when your needed you have a sniper rifle on your back that comes in handy


    sorry for being a scrooge
  16. Survive RM training, pass out as a RM, Get a tour under your cap, be seen doing all the right things, be seen as a solid guy-not an arse for a minimum of 1 year , get good reports, get noticed again, BE selected-notice the word selected - start training.... Piece of cake really!!

    Remember to speel korektlee when you get there M8 (re your first post!).
    Good luck and remember Snipers do it from a long way off!
  17. cheers lads for all the help appreciate it!

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