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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stefan_grainger, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. I thought this site was for support and advice, 80% of the people that post on here pick on people who have genuine concerns about their naval careers, If it’s not grammar it is something else and yet I have seen some posts on here from the regular posters who give out the shit with grammar mistakes but nobody says anything.

    Referring back to my post about the passport going missing all I wanted was some advice and not to be told I shouldn’t have even attended the AFCO because of items been lost. It’s ridiculous!

    I think some people need to pipe down a bit and start to give constructive feedback or help because you’re going to just put people off, Are you this arrogant when attending schools to see potential recruits? I thought the RN was about teamwork? Without trying to sound like bullied kid it has disappointed me with some comments that are made on this site, I have found it useful for information but I’m starting to regret asking for advice and even more so for the donation to the site I made.

    However sarcastic some are its pointless posting a reply if you are just going take the piss, I’m all for banter but I think when someone has a question help would be more appreciated then bullshit comments.

    I shall await for the abuse now for saying what I just have but I’m sure there will be people reading this who agree.

    Fight the good fight!
  2. Learn to take the banter, however strong, in good humour.
    Or shut the door on your way out ;) because you won't last very long in the mob.

    For advice about joining, and I am assuming here that you have read through EVERY post in the newbies forum to make sure that you aren't just repeating someone else's question, you need to ask NinjaStoker, who is the guru on this subject.
  3. I'm all for banter, I can give as much as i get but I'm just annoyed that nearly all replys were useless comments that just didn't help in anyway!
  4. Funny thing is - that's what most of us used to do so does Stefan have a reasonable point? There are some of the RR crew who still genuinely give sound advice but for others its as if someone has declared open season on Newbies. Maybe we need to recall what its like to be in that position. After all, how many times in your careers have you heard the expression "there is no such thing as a stupid question - only stupid answers". Think about it.

    ... and to Stefan, you need to bear in mind that the subscribers to this site are a diverse bunch. Some serving, some ex-service and some who have never served. Take this into perspective when reading comments. There are always going to be folk who will take the piss out of you or go for an apparent weakness. Call it banter; call it bullying. But be prepared, either way, to stand your ground ... just as you have done with this posting.

    Good luck mate.

  5. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but it’s also the most intelligent. It’s just a shame some of that intelligence couldn’t be put to use in a constructive way.
  6. I agree with you! There is a massive divide between a piss take, and banter. I'm sure that Stefan will be the first to admit he was a bit of a muppet for mislaying his Passport, but to tell him he should not even bother joining the Navy because of it is just plain rude.

    I think that its fair enough in Diamond Lils and elsewhere on the site, but in Newbies allow the odd bone question, it is here to give the next lot of matelots an insight into life in a blue suit (if you can't take a joke...), not to insult them for being nervous for wanting to make such a major life change.
  7. Well, I've looked, and looked again but I can't find anything written in the other thread that wasn't fair and deserved.

    Apparently, its a hard knock life :roll:
  8. Good thread. :thumright:

    Try to remember the source of the negative comments you receive. I am guessing that the poor replies would more likely come from ex-servicemen and the helpful replies probably from people due for Raleigh or current RN. This is because one group are content and the other might be bitter or jealous. You can usually tell the latter because they will say things like "your messmates will sort you/him/her out" "what is the The Andrew coming to" "that is the least of your worries" "bunch of mummies boys" etc.

    Take the piss back if you can, although the relics who prefer to do the piss-taking will then get defensive and say "the youth of today have no respect". I've had that chestnut reply before..as if I was gonna salute a computer screen FFS (and he was in Civvy street) :dwarf:
  9. Careful now. Don't start the whole "youth of today" argument. You'll wake the sleeping beasts.

  10. Stefan,

    Lash back you larynx, shackle your cackle, pull up a bollard and I'll spin you a dit about life in a blue suit. If you take offence to anything that is said on here by people you don't even know, and are never likely to know because they are giving you shit from behind the mask of a screen name. You are going to find life (not only in the mob) extremely difficult. When you are on a ship and someone is giving you raw shit to your face, what are you going to do then? You won't be able to come onto a website and complain about it. You'll either have to take it or give it back. So in conclusion, if you get the hump by some faceless comments, you really are making a mistake in joining the mob because the comments won't be faceless.
  11. one thing that irritates me about the internet is the 'grammar police'

    just faceless ar$eholes

    no just this site, its everywhere
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    They have the same mentality as those that correct spelling in library books
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The people that seem to get so upset about grammar are those with a lot of spare time on their hands.

    Presumably when not correcting spelling here or elsewhere, they ring Radio Two to have a rant on the Jeremy Vine show.
  14. Whose Jeremy Vine ????
  15. its like they are trying to be better than you because their punctuation is better

    if its readable then whats the problem (except maybe Rorrs/Sjar)

    its the fecking Internet - get a life
  16. You will most likely find the 'grammer police' are ex- RN. Those still in the service, NCO and above, with the same mentality are too busy rewriting some BR because' I don't like the way it is written'. Makes them feel important.
    Bugger! that puts me into the old, bitter and twisted ex-RN type. I'll get me coat :crazy:

  17. Which can be taken as 'I'm all for a laugh as long as it isn't at me. '
  18. Ahem, grammar police here. You are being let off with a warning, but next time I shall come round with the cattle prod and give you a good thrashing!
  19. i hope that was a bite, if so your a buffoon

  20. So many mistakes that I don't know where to start!


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