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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by onions, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. I guess the best person to answer this is Waspie. I was in Denmead on Tuesday last when a Wasp flew over. Then on Thursday I was in Fareham and again a Wasp flew over. So my question is how many Wasps are still flying?

    Semper Strenuissima
  2. I think there is one based at the IWM Duxford.
    I love the smell of Nimbus engine's in the morning
  3. TBH I really haven't or after Soleil's post didn't have a clue. But that link shows which of the parafin pidgeons are still about.

    There are many as the Duxford Wasp, static displays but few actual flyers. Those that are flying are rarely in the RN configuration. Flotation bags, M260 sight and such fitted. All pretty much a basic airframe.

    Loved the Wasp basic but functional. Had a great time as a spanner wan*er on em and even more fun when I branch changed to crewie.

    Some great photos if you follow the links too. Thanks Soleil.
  4. Airworthy Wasps in the UK
    • G-BYCX a former South African WASP Mk 1B is based at Bembridge, Isle of Wight.
    • G-BZPP a Wasp HAS.1 (was RN serial number XT793) is privately owned in Surrey and flies in Royal Navy markings as XT793.
    • G-CBUI a Wasp HAS.1 (was RN serial number XT420) is privately owned in Surrey and flies in Royal Navy markings as XT420.
    • G-KAXT a former Royal Navy (XT787) and Royal New Zealand Navy (NZ3905) Wasp HAS.1 is flown from North Weald Airfield and flown in Royal Navy markings as XT787.
    Thanks Wiki for this.
  5. Anyone out there remember the SARO. P.531 which was the forerunner of the Wasp. It did its sea trials on HMS Undaunted at Portland.
    Had skids not wheels, and even trialled suction pads to make it stick to the deck.1 pranged off Portland Bill killing the crew.( I was in the funeral firing party.)
  6. Like to black cat you on your above....... The smell of the cordite?? from the starter cartridge and Avpin, of the Gnome engines on a Has MK1. As the SAR Planeguard Wessex, who was first to start up at " hands to flying stations" Watching the aircrewman God sitting on the cabin door step.
  7. Officially Blackcatted Scouse....though remember the bang and scream as the FRADU Canberra TT19's started up at Yeovilton...and when they flew over our ship towing the drogue we managed to miss it everytime.
  8. Little bit about that one here, Dolly:

    saunders roe saro p.531 - Helicopter Database
  9. FG, I remember talking to a FRADU Hunter pilot who jettisoned the cable of the drone after a Phalanx locked onto the cable and was chewing its way up the cable fast towards the aircraft.

    Scouse, with you on the Avpin. I watched a Wessex 1 blow half the electronics bay out when a couple of cartridges exploded in the breech, igniting the Avpin and destroying the front of the cab. Horrible stuff Avpin, got it in my eyes one day draining the tank, I was blind, literally for a week.

    Like I say, loved the Wasp, electric start, no nasty Avpin or Palouste to spoil ya day.
  10. This was Minerva's Wasp somewhere in the Windies (St Lucia?) in 1975:

    HMS Minerva in Windies 1975 l.jpg

    HMS Minerva in Windies 1975 m.jpg
  11. When on 707 a M8 got a ride in a FRADU Hunter doing the Wednesday War off Portland....side by side he said it was the most amazing ride of his life so put my name down too....next day drafted to 829.
  12. 19/07/1961XN333756Saro P531771 NASDitched into the sea off Portland, Dorset after suffering failure of the tail rotor support structure at low altitude. The pilot was rescued but the observer drowned after being concussed Osprey, RN Base, Portland, Dorset
    MCCLURE, Colin, Lieutenant, died
  13. Could've been worse!!!


    Fleet Penal Squadron.
  14. Behold - That very Flight Deck*


    (*From which my posh Parker fountain pen rolled overboard during an un-announced OOW manoeuvre, circa '63 :sad: )
  15. Ahhh HMS Minerva
    The first ship I stepped foot on in 1981 (sea trainning Plymouth dockyard) and the ship our Wasp was doing Deck Landing Practice from when the driver managed to ditch it in the oggin, luckily getting it back on the Flt Deck though writing off the cab....and getting Captain FOF3's feet wet.
  16. Actually really enjoyed my time on 829....but would still have loved a go in the Hunter.
  17. Happy days.

    States then Med. and so on and so on!!!

    Dartmouth Training Squadron circa 86/87 (I think)!!
    HM Ships Euryalus, Rothsay and Bristol.


    Then the fun bit!!!:slow:

  18. Did a short stint on the Rothesay myself when the L2 was off being investigated for sniffing Amyl Nitrate in the Steering Wheel in Weymouth....a much better flight, very relaxed, think I could have liked it on there.
  19. Smelt like concentrated piss soaked nappies!!! (4 years on 360)

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