Wasp has 1.


Lantern Swinger
Can anyone remember the hairdryer like bit of kit that was laughingly called ESM equipment on the Wasp. ? And I think WX III and V ? By that I mean the desgnation. Phots as well if you have them.
Cheers. Trying to settle an old argument.
Sorry, no idea re the answer your question. But I just have to own up to the penny taking an excessively long time to drop. I read the 1 as a letter I and thought you actually had a Wasp. I remember laughing at my old grandmother who always referred to the M1 as the " M Eye". Seems she had the last laugh!


Lantern Swinger
Cheers anyway. It looked a bit like a hairdryer. Pointed at the offending emitter. Very Dr Who. Competely bloody useless of course however that was half the fun.

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