Wasp crash lands outside HMS Sultan

From the Pompey News:
A HELICOPTER was knocked off its trailer as it was being transported out of HMS Sultan in Gosport. The Wasp helicopter ended up on the ground when when the driver hit the corner of a fence at the Royal Navy base in Gosport.

Lee-on-the-Solent resident Richard Harvey said he saw the accident from his car. He said: ‘I was sat opposite at the traffic lights when it happened. ‘It just went smash. It hit it pretty hard. ‘The helicopter had been pulled off its moorings by the looks of it.’

A spokesman from HMS Sultan said the helicopter suffered damage to one of its wheels. He said nobody was injured in the accident and activity at HMS Sultan was not affected.

‘It was a Wasp helicopter used by trainee engineers in the workshop at Sultan. Normal procedures at Sultan carried on.’
Here's 441 at HMS Collingwood's Open Day on 30 May:

Wasp 441 at HMS Collingwood Open Day 30 May 2014.jpg

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