Washing up powder HMSRaleigh

Well that's easy, just like washing dishes but you replace the dishes with clothes, any liquid detergent will do, so I guess it depends on what you want your clothes to smell like.

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Well they say to have laundry liquid for hand washing so no I’ve never hand washed my clothes before
There are a few steps that you need to take in order to use the correct detergent.

1. Get mummy to take you to the supermarket.
2. Pick up a basket.
3. Ask a shop assistant to direct you to the laundry/detergent aisle.
4. Find the Washing powder/liquid section.
5. Look for a bottle of liquid detergent that is 'Suitable for hand washing'.
6. Chose the fragrance that smells the nicest to you.
7. Put that bottle in your basket.
8. Proceed to the checkout.
9. Get Mummy to pay for your shopping.
10. Get Mummy to drive you home.
11. Go to your room. Don't worry, your mother will unpack the shopping for you.
12. Turn on your TV and PlayStation.
13. Relax after a job well done.

I hope this helps.
As Victor Meldrew might say.................. nope, can't be arrsed!

PS - does anyone know if toilet paper is supplied at Rally or do I need to take my own? What sort is best?

Another question what sort of washing laundry liquid is the best to take to? Also how much if it?

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Dohdy dust will be the best option,, make shore its soft and gentle on your hands.
pay a bit more for soft and gentle toilet role, helps to prevent the spread of shit.
remember to carry your ironing board in a good naval